The Softer Side of Life
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The Softer Side Of Life

Getting Carried Away…

Sometimes just the lyrics from a song can carry your mind, heart, and soul away while taking you to levels beyond your control. For me…this rings true with the song by Seals & Crofts…Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze…makes me feel fine, blowing through the Jasmine in my mind….

For me…this is the “Softer Side of Life” just letting your mind run away with anything that your heart desires.

Feathers-A Softer Sife Of Life

“Feathers appear when Angels are near.” Did you know that our Angel’s are all around us? Being by our side to comfort, guide and protect us. Coming across a single feather in an unexpected place is a sure sign that your Angel is near. Your Angels will use feathers of all shapes, colors, and sizes to offer you validation when you need it the most. So keep an eye out for a sign from your Angels.

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Here is a list of meanings for the different colored feathers.

1.White: This color is the most common, Angel feather found. It is thought to be a sign of faith and protection. Also, finding a white feather can be a sign of your Angels telling you that your loved ones are safe in heaven.

2.Yellow: Should you find this color, just know that your Angels are sending you a message to smile.

3. Purple: Spirituality….your Angels are guiding you to activate higher thought and connectivity.

Things Remembered

4. Green: Prosperity and Growth, this is representative of luck.

5. Red: Courage, strength, stability and good fortune. If you are going through a rough time in your life and you find a red feather, your Angels are giving you validation that you’re strong enough to carry on.

6. Pink: This is a sign of love from your Angels. They are giving you a sign that their love is unconditional.

7. Black: Protection….your Angels are there for you to guard and repel negative energy.

8. Orange: Success…this is a sign that and ideas and opportunities are approved by your Angels.

9. Brown: This symbolizes home and grounding. Hopefully, your home life will see positivity soon.

10. Grey: This is a sure sign that your Angels are trying to tell you that the answer to a certain situation may not be a yes or no. A grey feather is to reassure you that the road ahead is much more positive. The feather will not undo the past or erase any of the bad memories, but it will help ease your pain and suffering.

11. Blue: Communication. Finding a blue feather maybe your Angels telling you to listen. Blue is also a sign of protection and peace.

Just remember…your Angels are always sending you signs.

Along The Beach…

Soul-Searching or simply unwinding. A long walk along the beach especially at sunset, whether you’re alone or with the one you love….this definitely qualifies as a softer side of life. One can get caught up in memories.

A Sweet Gentle Kiss…

We all love them…sometimes even crave them. A sweet gentle kiss, it can stir up the butterflies that for some may lie dormant. A fiery passionate kiss can grab your soul from your head to your toes…igniting a passion within. Who doesn’t want to be “ignited?” Better yet….you can be the one to ignite their flame. Yes…the right kiss can and will do just that.

A Cool Breeze…

I love the feel of a cool breeze blowing through my hair when you feel as though you have no cares in the world. Before a rainstorm when the wind kicks up…it’s as if it will carry all of your worries away.

“Hug Me, Honey!”

I’ve said before in an earlier post, “Some of My Favorite Loves” that cupcakes are my weakness…yes…in the dessert department this is true. But in the romance department, hugs win…no questions asked. It’s just a matter of the type of hug that I love the most…..but that, my friends I will keep to myself…..sorry.

Hugging is such a tender jester that is free to get….give…just share. They are given out as a greeting, to say goodbye to express your love and to show comfort when it is needed the most. For me…such a softer side of life.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand…

Tender is the touch of holding someone’s hand. I love holding my mama’s hand….so soft and gentle is her touch. The hands that have wiped my tears and held me tight and comforted me in a way only she can. There are not enough words to describe my mama’s touch.

The touch of a child…so innocent and unknowing of life at all. Relying on the guidance of their number one loves…their parents. The grip of a newborn baby tightly holding their mama’s finger….it’s heartwarming.

That tingly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when holding hands for the first, second or even third time. It’s that “First-Time-Feeling” you can get over and over again.

It’s how we say hello, a handshake, it’s a “manners thing” it’s a polite thing to share. It’s the softer side of life.


Babies…sweet innocent gifts from God. For so many, this blessing comes easy…but sadly for so many more the blessing may never come at all. Babies…such a major softer side of life, with their sweet smiles and unconditional love. A gift that should be held highest above all the rest.

Look around you…it’s everywhere…it’s what you make of it. It’s all…. the softer side of life, you just need to know where to look. xo

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  1. As always it is a great read, Brenda. Thanks for putting it all together and sharing it with us.

    1. It’s my pleasure, April. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.

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