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Only In My Dreams

Don’t Wake Me!

Have you ever had a dream that is so vivid that is seemed like it was real? Like you are certain of the feelings and emotions that you felt really did happen? Sure you have….we all have. Then you wake up unexpectedly, then try to go back to sleep in hopes of resuming where your dream left off. But…to your dismay, it never happens.

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What Are Dreams?

Dreams are a succession of emotions, desires, sensations, images and even ideas that will occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Each symbol represents a feeling, mood even a memory or something from your conscious

Sigmund Freud’s book, “The Interpretation of Dreams” has suggested that the content of dreams is related to “wish-fulfillment”. Freud believed that the manifest content of a dream, or the actual imagery and events of a dream, is to disguise the latent content or the unconscious wishes of the dreamer.

Sigmund Freud was one of the first psychologists to really study dreams. His approach to dreaming led to his theory of unconscious wish fulfillment. It is believed that a person’s feelings, memories, and thoughts are represented by definite objects and symbols in a person’s dreams.

Studies have shown that people dream of at least 90 minutes to 2 or more hours each night. Every single person dreams! But the majority of dreams aren’t that of a story, but more on what is going on in that individual’s lives and minds at that time in their lives.

There are common dream symbols and their meanings. This is only a few…however, there are several more.

  1. Being chased. This is one of the most common dreams that people have. It’s remembered the most because of the anxiety that is felt. But, the anxiety isn’t from being chased, but from what we’re running from. When an individual is dreaming of being chased, then they may need to address what is going on in their waking lives and figure it out.
  2. Transportation. When an individual is dreaming about vehicles such as a car, train or ship. Dreaming about vehicles gives the individual the power to make the transition about their destination…..or highlights the obstacles we think we are facing and need to work through.
  3. Water. When you are dreaming of water, this frequently represents our emotions or our unconscious minds. The quality of the water often provides insight into how effectively we are managing our emotions.
  4. People. When you are seeing people in your dreams…it is often a reflection of the different aspects of one’s self. People in dreams can relate to characteristics that need to be developed. Dreaming of a lover is frequently symbolic of an aspect of ourselves, from which we feel detached.
  5. Falling. When you are dreaming of falling, it’s not always something scary or negative. However, often falling uncontrollably from a great height will indicate something in our waking lives feels like it’s out of control.
  6. Baby. Dreaming of a baby can mean something new…whether it is a new home, job or relationship in your life.
  7. Flying. When you are dreaming that you’re flying it can be one of two things. If you are flying high above the clouds, then you are confident, happy and achieving your goals. But if in your dreams, you are flying low trying to avoid obstacles, it reflects that there are areas in your life that are frustrating.
  8. Sex. Dreams about intimacy can simply be an outlet for sexual expression. But, dreams about sex can also symbolize intimate connections with one’s self or someone that weighs heavy on their mind.

With all due respect….only the dreamer can interpret the meaning behind their dreams. Even though there are several similarities with dream symbols, their meanings may simply go hand-in-hand with certain events going on in the individual’s life at that time.

Things Remembered

The “Dream-Catcher”

What Is A Dream Catcher?

A “Dream Catcher” was originally created by Native American Indians. They usually consist of a small wooden hoop that is covered in netting or a web of natural fibers with meaningful sacred items such as feathers or beads that are attached and hanging down from the bottom. The shape of a dream catcher is a circle because it represents the circle of life, and forces like the moon and the sun to travel each day and night across the sky. By wrapping the frame in leather it is a common finishing touch for “real” authentic Dream Catchers.

The Meaning Of A Dream Catcher

Native Americans believe that the night air is filled with dreams, both good and bad. But, when the dream catcher is hung above the bed in a place where the morning sunlight can hit it, then the dream catcher attracts and catches all sorts of dreams and thoughts into its webs. Good dreams will simply pass-through and gently slide down the “pillow-soft” feathers to comfort the sleeper below. Bad dreams, on the other hand, are caught up in its protective web and destroyed and burned up with the light of day. The beads in a Dream Catcher symbolize a spider in its web.

It is believed that a dream catcher can get “clogged” with negative dreams and energy and that it will no longer be able to protect the dreams of the sleeper if it is not “cleared” each night. Another method of clearing the dream catcher is using sage and smudging it across and around the entire dream catcher to cleanse and clear it.

Only In My Dreams…

Everyone dreams…every night. Several times a night. The majority of the time, you won’t even remember what you’ve dreamed about. But if you do remember, it may only be bits and pieces at first, and then as the day goes on you start to forget about the different things from your dream altogether.

Dreams can reflect what is going on in your life, from happiness to anxiety or just something that you long for. It is a secret of the sort that is shared with absolutely no one but yourself.

So, to you my friends I say to you “Sweet Dreams” and I hape that all of your dreams come true.


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  1. Love this! I have always been fascinated with dreams!

    1. Thank you, I too am fascinated with dreams. πŸ™‚

  2. Dream Catcher. It is a new thing I haven’t heard anywhere else. Just excellent to keep our dream positive. Thanks!

    1. Dream Catchers have been around since the early 1900s. Thank you so much for the comment and for taking the time to read my post. πŸ™‚

  3. Vey nice post about dreams! Would love to see a post about psychic dreams which I’m very curious about!

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I may revise my post and add about psychic dreams. πŸ™‚

  4. Brenda, what an awesome post! As you mentioned we don’t remember the majority of what we dream, but they do tell a lot about what is going on in our lives. Falling and people have been what I dream about the most. My deceased parents have been in a few, alive again, after they passed and it seemed so real, so when you wake up it is such a disappointment to face reality again. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Denise, you do know that that really is your parents coming to you in your dreams. How lucky are you!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading my post and for sharing your experience!

  5. I love, love, love your article! I’ve always been fascinated by dreams and your first paragraph is so ‘spot on’. Thank you for such a well-written article.

    1. Thanks, Beth! I am really glad that you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

  6. I love this post! Very good information! I have always dreamed a lot and have very specific and vivid dreams. It may seem odd to some, but I pray for God to speak to me through my dreams. I feel that while I’m sleeping is the only time I “quiet” enough to hear God. I feel that He does so. My dreams always seem meaningful to my waking life. Thanks for this post!!

    1. Sweet Sharon! Your words are always so kind. God is everywhere that you want and need him to be….even in your dreams. Take care, my friend.

  7. I knew about Dream cacher but never knew soo much about it. Thanks for sharing

    1. You’re so welcome!

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