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What’s Your Story?

Our Story

We all have a story to tell…from different backgrounds….to different cultures….and different life experiences. It’s simply what makes the world go ’round….it’s what makes us who and what we really are. Think about it…if we were all the same…lived life the same….even shared all of the same experiences and interests…how boring would that be? Oh, sure…different ones will travel the world…try different foods…different adventures at one time another in their lives, and that is wonderful…but they’re not all doing their life experiences together….absolutely not. Lives are being lived separately…at one’s own pace…when they are supposed to be doing those things…this is what makes up each individual’s story.

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Lives…They’re All Predestined

It’s true you know…..from the day we are born…are lives are predestined. It’s the decisions that we make and the paths that we take every day….this is what makes up our story…called…life. Even the people that come into our lives…or simply cross our paths…it was meant to be. Whether it’s for a lifetime…or just a brief moment. Did you know that the same people will come into our lives and us into theirs…..but only when the time is right? That’s right…it’s almost as if we are only getting a “taste” of what life will be like when we meet someone for a short time or even in passing. Because if that person…and yourself included is supposed to be in that person’s life…then when the time is right….they or you will “wander” back into their lives. Because….it’s predestined.

My Story…Your Story

My story is just that….my story. Full of twists and turns….ups and downs…happiness and disappointments….hopes and dream…but it’s my story. I know what you’re thinking and your absolutely right. You are thinking….well that sounds like my story too. That’s because it is… just like your story. This is exactly what happens during our lifetime…we will all experience all of the above, and so much more…more than once…over and over again. It’s called life.

In my life…I have grown in so many ways. I have lived my childhood learning from my parents…playing and fighting with my siblings….growing with my friends….falling down, but yet…getting back up. I have loved beyond words and I have been loved…I am loved.

My story includes the blessing of a baby boy….growing in my belly… and now he’s showering his love…as a grown man with a family of his own. He’s made me proud. I have lived through a divorce that made my heart hurt ….and my soul hit rock bottom…yet I have learned to love again as time went on. I have lost family members and friends…that pass on way too soon…because if the truth be known…and if I had the power…I would never have let them pass away. Because life is just way too short.

I have danced to music…because it’s what I love to do….and have been known to sing a song or two. I have laughed so much that my sides would ache and I have cried so hard…that I could barely breathe…..I have lived.


Life Is Full Of Choices

Let me tell you that I have definitely had my share of the “wrong” choices in my life. Many of which I wish I could take back….do all over again…just to see how things would have turned out. Oh…come on now…you know that you have too…at one time or another anyway! It’s common nature…..”do-overs”. The problem with “do-overs” in life is that we will not learn the lesson that is meant to be learned…..if we don’t follow through with our choices. The sad thing…about choices in life is that many people will and do make the wrong choices in their life…it can and will be a hard lesson learned for the person that’s made the “wrong” choice and for the person that it’s affecting…..be it hateful…hurtful or both…..a wrong choice is just that…a wrong choice…but it is a choice that, that particular individual decided to make and follow through with. For those…it’s a sad…hard lesson learned.

Things Remembered

It Comes From The Heart…My Heart

My story…..is full of love…laughter…sadness….triumphs…and regrets….and it is my story. I consider myself a giver..always ready to lend an ear…be there for comfort..and yes…give my advice. My desire to write for you has become an open book and I truly believe…from the bottom of my heart..that the “birth” of “My Angel’s Voice”...came from my yearning to share…my words…thoughts and heartfelt experiences…of my life…my journey…my lessons…my story.

Each and every day of our lives is a blank page and it’s up to each and every one of us to hold the pen and write our own story……never forget that you…my friend is the author…everything written by you…in your own words.

In case you didn’t know…you are here reading this because our life stories have crossed paths…even if we never get the chance to meet…you….my friend have just experienced what my heart has to give just by reading what I written. My hope for you all…is to never stop living…and never stop writing your story. Just always remember….chapters in our lives will come to and end…with new ones that begin and sometimes better things…that lies ahead. Never stop learning….loving and reaching for more. Because…it’s your story.



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  1. Love this post, so beautifully written. I feel very blessed that our paths have crossed x

    1. Thank you, Justine..your words truly mean so much to me. I feel the same. 🙂

  2. I so love this Brenda and thanks for sharing this! We have to keep living and make another chapter in our life!

    1. Thanks, April!

  3. A beautiful post, Brenda…love it! Yes, our stories are the same, but with different twists and turns in life. As bloggers, we have such a great avenue to share our stories and hopefully touch lives, so people can possibly change their story to a positive one.

    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend. Your opinion matters a lot to me. Again, I thank you. 🙂

  4. This is such a lovely post and so beautifully written! I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with you!

    1. Sharon, your words touch my heart. I fell the same, my friend….I’m blessed that we’ve crossed paths too. xo

  5. I love this. We are all the same, but so different, right? Beautiful words. And I am so fortunate that our paths have crossed.

    1. Thanks, Jenny. I feel the same, my friend. 🙂

  6. Such a touching post! Thanks for sharing.

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