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Meet My Blogger Friends

It’s hard to believe that it will be two years on May 3, 2021, that I started my blogging journey. It’s mind-blowing for me really…that I even ventured down this road…..but I am so glad that I did. I am a very passionate person with whatever I take on in my life….and my writing isn’t any exception. Throughout my journey…I have been so very blessed to have met so many wonderfully talented bloggers…..and with that being said it would warm my heart to introduce just a few to you. So here goes.

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Blogger Friends

Meet Denise Gardiner from sunny California she has become a very dear friend….and fellow blogger of Many Facets Of Life. In her blog, she will share with you her own experiences, plus helpful information on Career, Relationships, Life in the Military, Baby Boomers/Retirement, Addictions, Recreation/Sports, Dealing With Emotions, Spiritual Self, Personal Development, Finances, Health, Animals As Part Of The Family, and so much more. When visiting her blog…be sure to check out her Health & Fitness Podcast.


Next up….from oceans away in New Zealand is my friend Justine Warne. You will simply love her blog…..The Tea Chest Blog She has a love and passion for tea and all things tea-related; be it teacups, teapots, cosy’s, the many wonderful types of tea, the medicinal benefits of tea, tea ceremonies, and the traditions that envelope her and love for tea. You will be amazed at her many travels and extensive knowledge with tea….and all that goes with it. So….click on over and check it out.

Up next…..meet April Key Rode…my sweet friend from New York and has a wonderful travel blog…Rodes On The Road. When visiting her blog she will take you on a fantastic journey with every adventure…along with her husband and kids….her blog is truly heartwarming. She will guide you and give you wonderful travel tips. Her blog is a must to go see and explore.

From Vancouver, BC, Canada please say “Hello” to Esme Slabbert with EsmeSalon. I am here to tell you that her recipes are to die for and her blog…Share…Care…Inspire is so worth the visit for tips…pointers and advice for any current and future bloggers. Don’t forget the check out her recipe section…you will be so glad that you did.


Among my list of Blogger friends are Beth Elkassih of Made You Smile Back her blog….with all that it has to offer is simply a breath of fresh air. She is my “neighbor blogger”…residing along with me….”Deep in the Heart of Texas”…I being in Missouri City and she in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I highly recommend that you visit her site.

Things Remembered

Here is “Smelly”…the blogger of Smelly Socks and Garden Peas…crossing back over the ocean to the UK. You will adore her blog….with lighthearted family life….along with her “Lessons in Loss” series…..this is a must to check out.

Here is Jerry Godinho…a great blogger from Toronto, Canada you will thoroughly enjoy his blog Four Columns of a Balanced Life. with his writing, he brings to you such motivation and balance in your life. Something that we all sure could use….this day in age!

Introducing Talat Yasim…from Yokohama-shi Kanagawa, Kanagaw and her blog is Racing Tigers she has so much to share with you in her blog….from Lifestyle, Healthy Eating…Money Management to everything children. She and her blog will not disappoint.

Then there is Louise Pistole where you will “Discover Your Joy”. She is so very inspirational in many ways. Her blog is one that will make your heart smile. Not only that….her very own love story will touch your heart.

If you love Beer…then you will love what Bryan Carey of Houston, Texas has to offer with his blog…Great Beer Now. His knowledge of beer is out of this world. You might just say…that he is an entrepreneur of the beer tasting world! Check out what is great blog has to offer.

And finally…Cindy Moore from Joplin, Missouri with Cindy Goes Beyond when you visit her blog you will find her beautiful travels are wonderful. She takes you along with her. A must-see!

I really can go on and on with my list of blogger friends…the above list….is just the tip of the iceberg……because I’m blessed to say that I have met so many….and….how lucky I am to do what I love….because I am able to allow my feelings….emotions….and thoughts from my heart to come out in my writing.

I invite you all to visit all of my friend’s blogs…..you will be so glad that you did. So….until next time…my friend…be safe and take care.



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  1. Oh WOW, thank you so much for the honor and the mention in this group of bloggers. I am round-eyed and you have made my day, week, and month. Thanks again, and may you go from strength to strength in your blogging journey and we will stay in touch.

    1. You are so welcome…and such an inspiration to me. I’m thrilled that our paths have crossed.

  2. Cindy Moore says:

    Awww thank you for including me among such amazing bloggers! I appreciate you and the Light you dine in the word.

    1. Cindy Moore says:

      Shine! Shine in the world. 😊

      1. XO 🙂

    2. Cindy, the pleasure is mine. Thank you for being a part of my world.

  3. What a great post! I know some of these bloggers, but now I have a chance to check out some new ones!

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