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The Life We Live…The World We Live In

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It happens every day….we wake up….get out of bed…..and simply start our day. It’s a repetitive daily grind….for so many. Oh…don’t get me wrong….there is a lot of living going on from the time we wake up…..get out of bed….and finally “call it a day” and go to bed. But It is….what it is……the life we live.

Too Much Anger…..

I have never been confrontational…..I never will be…..nor ever want to be around things or people that are confrontational…..but yet….it seems to be everywhere these days…..in the country that I love so dearly…..that I have always been so very proud to call my home…..”The Land of the Free…..Home of the Brave.” Yet….it feels as though….two worlds have collided…..two worlds that should know better….two worlds that allow so much hatred and anger…..it saddens my heart….deep into my soul. Grown adults….casting blame on unnecessary things and people…..casting blame…..making matters worse. Grown adults…..acting like children.

We Weren’t Raised That Way

It amazes me how times change…..how people change with time…how people forget that we are all the same…living our lives…where no one person is better than another….but instead people are hateful to one another….and just plain showing anger.

I for one was not raised that way. I was born in 1961…..raised in the 70s….the best time ever. Where the kids went to school every day….learned about everything from the Declaration of Independence to the first landing on the moon. The world was our oyster….we all thrived on the “History of the World.” We learned how to write in cursive…..don’t laugh….but kids these days….know nothing of this “talent”. We learned how to play fair….know your consequences of breaking the rules. How to treat each other with kindness…..how to get along and admit when we were wrong. We learned about life….past and present…..and to look towards the future.

Fast forward to today…..I feel so much division in the world….so much negativity…..it hurts my heart. Things have got to give…..people need to change…..before the damage can no longer be repaired. All of the negativity and hatefulness are tearing friends…family…society apart.

It’s Never Too Late

Time to make a change….before we all lose our minds. Time to take the bull by the horns….pull our pants up by the bootstraps…..and do it! How hard can it really be to keep your comments to yourself…..and realize that sometimes the things that are said and done…can cause damage beyond control. Take it from me…..because I know…..verbal abuse…I lived it for eight long years when I was married to my ex-husband over 30 years ago. Verbal abuse stays with you forever. So…please….remember the feelings that you may be affecting and not even realize it.


We are not perfect…and….neither is the life that we live in. But it truly is the only life that we have….so step out of your comfort zone…and don’t allow anything going on in the world today to dictate the way you live and love. How quickly we all forget that our lives can be turned inside out….and turned upside down in an instance.

My wish for you my friend is that life treats you with kindness and that love fills your heart…..but remember to always….always….share the wealth.



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  1. I was born in 1960. The seventies was a special time. Life was simple and with concrete rules that everyone knew. Common Sense was …common. Not anymore. Now there are many different “common senses” if we can call it that. But I agree that there is still time to learn and change for a better world. That’s why we blog!

    1. Emily, yes I agree that it truly is why we blog! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I loved your post! Really touched my heart, beautifully written! It took me back to my days growing up, in the 80s/90s (I learned cursive too) and to think where we are now and what kids grow up with, blows my mind and saddens my heart. Thank you for this!

    1. Thank you so much, Tiffany…I truly do appreciate your kind words.

  3. So absolutely right…to be humble is to be teachable. It is to play the role that others don’t want to play. It is to find comfort in admitting that we don’t always know. We can either choose humility, or humility will one day choose us. You know the old proverb: “Pride goeth . . . before a fall.”

    1. Thank you so much, for such a lovely comment. xo

  4. Born in the late 50’s. We need to respect and I concur with “let life treats you with kindness and that love fills your heart”
    We can fo it.

    1. Yes, indeed. 🙂

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