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Southern Nights

Did you know that ” Southern Nights” is the title to one of the greatest classic country music songs of all times, that was performed by the late great Glen Campbell? Well, it is and it’s amazing….to me anyway.

Southern Nights….have you ever felt a Southern Night? Free as a breeze, but not to mention the trees…whistling tunes that you know and love so…

–Glen Campbell

I really love this song. The melody and the words that describe ……well a southern night. Fun Fact about this song is that Glen Campbell is said to have recorded this song because it reminded him of his rural childhood in Arkansas. This classic was originally written and recorded by Allen Toussaint and released in 1975. However, Glen Campbell’s version became the bigger hit.

Way Down South

I have lived in Texas all of my life and I’m mighty proud of it. But, as we all know….. Texas isn’t the only southern state and I’m almost certain that anyone that lives in a southern state will agree with me when I say…..there is absolutely nothing like a southern night. Way back in the day, when growing up as a young girl….no matter what time of the year…I could be outside and always see the beautiful stars in the sky…the beautiful nights would be so clear, it was as if you could reach up and touch the stars.

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The glowing lightning bugs or fireflies for some were always out in full force. Just sitting outside with your girlfriends while gossiping until the break of dawn, or maybe even cuddling in the backseat with your boyfriend in his car. These are just a few of the memories made on a southern night.

Have you ever really had the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the beautiful sky at night? Well, this is absolutely one life experience that you must have and maybe even share with someone. To me, it’s as if the whole world is just sitting there waiting for you confide in, confess to, cry a little, say a prayer or release any needs, desires or emotions that you need to let go of and share.

It’s the warmth and comforting feeling you get when you’re outdoors in the early evening…. living, loving and making memories. It’s Mother Natures beauty in the works.

Southern Ocean Skies

When I look out on the ocean, right when the sun seems to touch the waves. In seems to me that the ocean is “turning out the lights” of the big beautiful bright sun…..ending the day and introducing me to a southern night and whatever magic it may bring with it. It’s a climax of sorts. Almost as explosive as when two hearts collide. Yes…it’s that powerful. Oh, those southern ocean skies….don’t you know that they have all sorts of stories to tell?

Things Remembered

Walking along the beach, your ability to let your mind and thoughts run away with you. This is the kind of hold that a soft southern evening can do for the mind and soul. There really isn’t anything as relaxing as this. It’s free and oh, so therapeutic. However….that midnite stroll….is so much nicer when shared with someone special.

Southern Nights

It’s felt in the breeze, in the stillness and even as the sun sets as if saying goodbye for a while. It makes me wonder…..does everyone feel the same comfort that I do on a quiet southern night when the stillness becomes so thick that you can almost grab it and take hold. The feeling is even more explosive when shared with another.

Go on….enjoy your southern night…no matter where you are…..or where you live….we all share the same sky. Look around….it’s there where you want and need it to be. Southern Nights……It’s everywhere and it’s yours for the taking.

It’s there for you too really…always has been…anywhere you live, because it lies within….it has always been with you, you just may have never realized it. The comfort, the stillness, the hold of a southern night….it really is….in your own backyard.

Southern Nights…Just as good even when closed your eyes. I apologize…to anyone who can truly say that he has found a better way.

—Glen Campbell

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  1. Now I won’t be able to get that song out of my mind. I love anything Glen Campbell. And, yes, I know those southern nights over here in Florida. My favorite is the winter, when there are no mosquitoes and I can fire up the fire pit, watch the flames, chat with friends, and sip a crisp champagne.

    1. I’m right there with you Jenny. I love all songs from Glen Campbell. Wow! Your Florida winters sound great!

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