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Thank The Stars Above

Have you ever just sat down…took a look around and soaked in all of the blessings in your life? Well….this is a problem that a lot of people have these days when it comes to what is truly important in their lives. But do you know what a blessing is really? What a true blessing is in your life? Well…I’m here to fill you in a bit….in my words anyway.

A blessing according to the bible is a gift of God’s grace. In the Old Testament, it refers to a bestowal of good, especially of material good. Whereas in the New Testament, it is more of spiritual good bestowed by the gospel.

Blessings…They Are Everywhere

We are all so quick to forget…the little things in life that we have in our lives…day in and day out. The biggest blessing of all is that we woke up to see another day. This is one of the biggest blessings that people seem to quickly forget….sad but true. One must always remember that each new day that we are given….well…it’s a gift….so treat it as one….and thank the stars above.

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Disappointments In Life

It’s all around us…we come across at least one on a daily basis…and if you don’t..well then you are…truly blessed. But what really is a disappointment…you ask?

Sad, unhappy or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one’s hopes or expectations. Something was not as good as expected or because something that you had hoped for or even expected just didn’t happen. Unhappy because someone has behaved badly. A feeling of loss…an uncomfortable space or even a painful gap between our expectations and reality.

For me..that feeling of disappointment comes from not having something that my heart truly desires. The way I get past that is to realize that whatever the disappointment is…just didn’t happen because the time just wasn’t right. Don’t get me wrong…it doesn’t take away from my disappointment…it simply helps me to understand…that maybe one day..whatever I was hoping for will finally come true.

There are so many disappointments in our lives..that we ofter get them confused. Let us take that new job offer that never came through or maybe even that promotion that just passed you by. It is this and so much more…that disappoints. As much as it may hurt…remember better things are always ahead. The saddest disappointments of all are the many couples that are desperately trying to conceive but month after month….their hearts are broken. God only knows when the timing of a new life to enter their lives is supposed to be…but for those getting hopeful…month after month…the disappointments can be overwhelming.

Things Remembered

Taking It All for Granted

It’s kind of funny in a sad way…but we all do it….we take almost everything in life for granted. From the sun rising every day….to the waves washing onto the shore. Yes….it’s true…the sun will continue to rise….and the waves will continue to wash onto the shore. But the light that shines within each and every one of us can and will go out one day….some sadly sooner than others. But people just seem to forget how precious each and every individual life is….until it’s too late…and they are gone. So…take the time to say I’m sorry…and forgive quickly…but more importantly…tell someone just exactly how you feel….when given the chance…..never ever take for something for granted….and say….”I’ll get to it later.” Do it now…and thank your lucky stars that you can.

Loss In Life

There is absolutely nothing worse in life than the loss of a loved one. This is a pain that at times feels like the heartbreak is more that one person can barely handle. Believe me…I’ve been there. But we all do….eventually……learn to live again…learn to carry on. Everyone grieves at their own pace at their own time. There simply are no rules. But what we all need to remember is that our lives were blessed with that individual for however short or long their life was. It’s the remembering of what was shared with that particular individual that will begin to ease the pain. But as I said earlier..there is no time span on how long or short a person will grieve. It is a process…and the grieving process cannot be rushed. As hard as it is to believe…time is truly our only healer.

Always…Be Thankful

We all may not have everything that we want in life…but hopefully one day we all will. But until that actually happens…don’t you think that we all should be thankful for what we do have? So many people are suffering from illnesses to homelessness. They are doing their best to simply survive. So, my advice to you is to reevaluate what you have…appreciate the people around you. People and things come into our lives for reasons…that are sometimes beyond our control…so be thankful for when these people and things….grace our presence. It’s how it was meant to be. I promise. All of this and so much more is almost like a glass filled with stars…..so thank your lucky stars…..it’s so much more than others may have.

You….my friend have come into my life and I into yours….at the time that was meant to be….whatever the future holds after that is simply up to the universe.



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  1. Wonderfully written Brenda! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you, sweet friend. 🙂

  2. This is a great post with important reminders. Blessings are all around us. Having three kids can be interesting with all the moods that happen in our home. I have been a firm believer that we will talk about our blessings. We eat dinner together most every evening and while we are at the table we will go around and each of us talk about a blessing or two that we had throughout the day or the week. It has been a wonderful routine for all of us!

    1. Jody, thank you so much and thank you for such a nice comment. I simply love your dinner routine. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I agree Brenda! It’s all about your perspective. There’s always a silver lining. You just have to be willing to hunt for it sometimes. 😊

    1. Yes, indeed! 🙂

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