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P.S. I Love You….

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Those three little words……. Words that hold more power than one can ever know. Words that will cut so deeply through to your soul, and will last an eternity.

But what does it really mean? Well, there is a multitude of meanings for this word. Love is a deep feeling of affection. It’s a warmth, tenderness, an attachment. Like the feelings that a baby can fill its parents with. An attachment that grows stronger beyond their control. It’s a fondness and nurturing that comes with this type of love. It feels like home.

Compassion, kindness, friendship, and concern. These are just a few of the feelings for the love of another human being. We share this love daily. It’s unselfishness, goodwill, sympathy even charity. It’s opening up your heart to the friendships you’ve made, and to the people that you meet. It’s the love that you have for another human being.

Love is unconditional and takes no prisoners. “Cupid” can strike when you least expect it. Love never falters and never wavers. It just is. This is the most powerful kind of love. The love that is shared between two people. It’s never planned and never expected. I truly believe that when two hearts are meant to connect…..well they connect. No matter what stage in life two people are in when the two hearts are to connect.

Soul to Soul Connection


This feeling goes beyond all sense of physicality. This type of love is so strong. It is a feeling for another person, that only you can understand that person in a way that no one else can. This person is always with you, deep in your heart no matter how the relationship ends. When you meet someone and you immediately have that soul-mate level connection, the feeling is there from the very start. You always want to be with that person. You are connected to them. It’s a feeling that is completely out of your control.

Things Remembered

The soul connection bond can be instantaneous. When you meet, you will have bonded with them even with just a brief conversation. Sometimes it may feel like you’ve waited your whole life for this person and sometimes you do. But when then time is right, it will happen.

You will always have connections in your life on so many different levels. The love you have for your closest friends is a very heartfelt and pure connection. I for one can attest to the fact that I can go months without seeing or speaking to my girlfriends. But when we are together, even for a short period of time, my heart just “swells”. These women have been a part of my life since junior high school. We always seem to pick up right where we left off. This is a connection that is very dear to my heart. We will all forever and always have that sisterly soul connection.

Friends for over 40 years

Love these ladies!

Never a dull moment!!

SOHO Sisters Class ’79

“I love you”…… those three little words. They have so much power and should never be used lightly. Those words should be handled with kid gloves and given the respect that they deserve. Because once you say them…..there is no turning back. No changing your mind, no rewind. The person receiving those words will lock them in their heart and soul forever.


Those three little words……

Always remember……love, we all need it. We sometimes yearn for it. Once you find it…….it will last forever.

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  1. Beautiful! There are so many daily situations where one can spread some love.

    1. Thank you and I completely agree! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart about love. It was encouraging!

    1. Thank you so much!!

  3. Beautiful thoughts! In addition to these songs have you read the poem “Oh call it by some better name” by Thomas Moore? It ends with
    And if thy lip, for love like this,
    No mortal word can frame,
    Go, ask of angels what it is,
    And call it by that name!
    But you really have to read the whole poem to appreciate how he expresses the point.

    1. Love it! I haven’t read the poem, but I will! Thank you so much! 🙂

  4. Lovely post, Brenda! I can feel the emotion pouring from the words in this post. You do a great job of touching on the different kinds of love. It truly is a remarkable, sometimes unexplainable feeling. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you, Roger. I loved writing it.

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