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On A Wing And A Prayer

This phrase is often said by many people. But do you really know what’s behind its true meaning? It actually stems from World War II. On a wing and a prayer describes doing something difficult or dangerous while relying on divine help or just plain luck. The phrase was inspired by Hugh G. Ashcraft, Jr. an American pilot of the B-17 The Southern Comfort. When returning from a bombing run over Germany in a maimed plane, Ashcraft told his crew, “Those who want to, please pray.” News reports call them the crew that “prayed” their plane back. This inspired a line in the 1942 movie The Flying Tigers said by John Wayne’s character, “She’s coming in on a wing and a prayer.” In 1943 a song entitled “Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer” was written by Harold Adamson and Jimmy McHugh.

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On A Wing And A Prayer

We have all probably either said that little phrase out loud, but most certainly to ourselves. “With only the slightest chance of success.” But, that really doesn’t even matter how small the chance is, because if there is even the slightest chance to achieve whatever it is…..then one just has to believe.

You’re almost “winging it” because when doing something on a wing and a prayer, your hopeful that you will succeed, even if you know that you aren’t even prepared enough. The power of prayer….being hopeful….keeping your fingers crossed……whatever it takes. …..having only the slightest chance … On a wing and a prayer.


You’re In My Prayers

I say my prayers….everyday…..twice a day. It’s really nothing fancy, there is no ritual… not lit candles…..no set up of any kind…it’s just me and my prayers. It takes for me all of five minutes, but my morning and nighttime will not be the same without them. I pray for my family, my friends, coworkers…things that I have control over and even situations that are completely out of my control….and I always have the same feeling afterward…it’s a feeling of peace, comfort….but most of all guidance.

You know, I don’t always get the right answers, and certainly not at the time that I really want or need it. But one way or another, my prayers do get answers. In one way or another. It may not be the answer that I looked and waited for, its just the right answer. Don’t get me wrong…there have been many prayers that have never been answered at all…but they will when the time is right in my life. This really rings true for everyone. It’s just that everyone is impatient and wants everything right now.

With A Little Luck

How lucky are you? I remember growing up I would always find loose change everywhere on the ground. As an adult, it would on occasion be even more than just coins. Yep, I remember coming out of a department store and right there in the middle of the parking lot was a twenty-dollar bill. I could hardly believe it. No one was around and it was just lying there on the pavement. So, I picked it up! Another time a couple of years ago, I was with my husband, he was driving and we were leaving the parking lot of a different store when I looked down on the curb, I yelled, “Stop, there’s some money!” Well I ended up finding four one-dollar bills scattered in the grass, it was pretty obvious it flew out of someone’s hand because the receipt was on the ground too. They had paid cash and it had flown around the building in the grass. The most I’ve ever found was eighty dollars. I was standing at a bar in a restaurant and I had accidentally stepped on something while I was standing there. Well, it was dark at the bar, and it looked like a folded up dollar bill, so I picked it up and put it in my purse. Later that evening when I looked in my purse, I found that it was four twenty dollar-bills folded up. You can only imagine my surprise and shock!

Things Remembered

To this day, I will still come across a lucky “heads-up” penny lying on the ground. I will even look through a patch of clover to find that lucky, “One.” Because you just never know.

A Wing And A Prayer

Live your life…say your prayers. Just don’t live on a wing and a prayer. Life is way too short to just jump off on the deep end of life.

Think about it…..a wing and a prayer….wouldn’t that be your Angel’s? Well, sure it is…or at least I believe it could be.

—-Brenda xo

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  1. Ooh you are very lucky finding money all the time 😄

  2. Great Article! I always love to hear those where it came from stories.

    I too believe in connecting to the Universe on a daily basis and expressing my gratitude for all I have. Believe it or not I was once homeless, and scoured the grown for money. Now when I see change (or even a dollar) on the ground I leave it for the person who really needs it. But now 10+ I will pick up, cause I ain’t rich yet, LOL!

    Thanks Brenda 🙂

    1. LOL! Love your comment, Jo! I really appreciate your coming on over and checking out my blog! 🙂

  3. Love this article! Love the way you write and read to the end without scrolling through!

    On another note, how lucky are you? You should definitely play the lottery too if don’t already do so.

    1. Thank you so much, Francis, for such kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Be sure to come back again! 🙂

  4. Ahhha. I am touched. I loved what you have written, especially the “how lucky are you” this is something that insists you to believe in luck

    1. Thank you, Jais. You’re very nice. I appreciate your kindness. 🙂

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