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When COVID Strikes


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When You Least Expect It

COVID 19 the “ghost” virus of all times. It’s everywhere…waiting to latch itself onto its next victim…..we do it all to prevent becoming one of its statistics…..handwashing….social distancing….disinfecting….masking wearing….over and over and over again. But yet…this “ghost” virus will make its way in…anyway. Several months ago…I was told that when you start feeling like your getting “flu-like” symptoms…start taking Vitamin C…Vitamin D…Zinc….and B12. Well….as soon as I heard this my husband and I both wanted to “protect ourselves” ahead of the virus…so we started taking all of those vitamins. I’m really glad that we did.

What Do You Mean…Positive

As I write this….the date is February 07, 2021….my husband unexpectedly tested positive on Tuesday, February 02, 2021…..just one day before our 25th wedding anniversary. Needless to say…we were completely shocked….and worried. Just a few days before he was feeling a little congested…..even said to me that he felt like he was getting a cold. So….our normal routine…Dayquil and Nyquil began. This was on Friday…January 29, 2021. By that Monday…February 1st….he decided to stay home from work…..contact his HR and a COVID test was scheduled for later that day. You have no idea how floored we both were when he received a call the following morning from the nurse informing him that he indeed was positive for COVID 19.

He called me immediately to give me the news…..the world stopped for a brief moment…..seriously. Then…I pulled myself together and literally, my OCD self took over and my husband and I decided that he would be moving into the master bedroom…so he would need to go ahead and set up his work area and laptop in there…I would stay in the guestroom…..and in the living room. He was officially being quarantined. I spoke with my administrator and it was a no-brainer…I had to get tested too….and I did…that same morning. Okay…so I am here to tell you that getting tested for COVID is awful! Needless to say….and I am ever so thankful…I tested Negative. But….I kind of figured I would….because I have been fully vacinated (both vaccines) just one month earlier……thank God.

Everything Is Now Different

It’s very strange…..how quickly everything has changed….it’s all so different now. Luckily…it is just he and I in our home….along with our two miniature schnauzers….so the social distancing should be easy….right…..hardly. Once getting home from work…I began wiping down any and everything that I thought that my husband may have touched…..it was almost overwhelming. It was decided that I would use the guest bathroom…but I ended up declining to use the guest bedroom…. that I was going to sleep on the couch. We have a four-bedroom home….but the three bedrooms are on the other side of the house….and I wasn’t too thrilled about sleeping….way over there….by myself. So I settled with the couch…which is next to the kitchen….and master bedroom. Sadly, neither one of my little dogs would sleep with me…they preferred the master bedroom with my husband.

He has been very lucky where his symptoms are concerned. He has never had a fever….and his oxygen levels have remained normal…..but he has had a lot of coughing episodes….that are finally getting better. He says that he feels like he is at the tail end of having a bad cold. He did lose his sense of smell and taste for a couple of days….but both have gradually returned. He has been so blessed to have so many friends…family…coworkers, and neighbors…reaching out to check in on him….and asking about me. We are extremely grateful for that. He will get his second COVID test in a few days….and fingers crossed he will at that time test negative…..so until then we wait.


Time To Roll Up Your Sleeve

I know…..there are so many skeptical people out there…afraid…I am guessing of getting vaccinated. Don’t be afraid…..this is what we all need to do in order to get a handle on things and stop this madness! It’s so hard to believe that we are coming up on a year of this mess. Our lives will never be normal again…this virus has affected everyone in one way or another.

Things Remembered

This dreadful virus….it was never welcome in my home…yet it made its way here anyway. We were just so lucky that it was able to be fought off better than others had been able to do. He isn’t out of the woods yet….but he’s almost there….prayers are being answered.

Be safe my friend…..stay healthy…and take care. All of my love to you.



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  1. Thank You for sharing. I too have that taking Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and B12 will work to Help ease the covid before it happens.

    1. You’re welcome Davie…and continue to stay healthy and safe.

  2. I’m glad you both are okay. My husband & I both work outside the home (I’m an essential retail worker working with the public), and our community was very hard hit with COVID, so I’m amazed that neither of us has caught it. We do make the sacrifices in our personal lives, though, so that probably helps. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. You’re welcome Melissa and thank you for your kind words. I know what you mean about working outside of the home. I work full-time in the medical field and see how many patients test positive when they are asymptomatic. I hope that you, your husband, and your family

  3. Glad you and your husband handle it well Brenda. Stay safe!

    1. Thank you, April. I hope that you and your family continue to stay safe.

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