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You Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

Once A Complainer…Always a Complainer…

It’s simply in their nature to complain about everything. Even when that person clearly has things to be thankful for…they will find something negative, turn it around and….you got it…complain about it. It’s almost like they carry a chip on their shoulders…..ready to hand out complaints.

I’ve come across so many people on a day-to-day basis that I will ask, “How are you?” Well, that was a completely loaded question, because instead of hearing a reply like, “I’m fine, thanks”, the response I normally get is a list of everything that ails them!! So in return, what I usually respond back to that particular individual is, ” Hey, you’re alive, kickin’ and breathing so all can’t be that bad.” With that…I normally get a smile out of them.

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Not All Doom and Gloom

Then there is the person that feels like “everything” is doom and gloom….the end of the world for them. Always negative about everything….life is falling apart or at least it feels that way to them. They just seem to go on and on about everything wrong in their life….the world even. They just cannot seem to find anything good in their lives. This, however, is a sad but true fact for so many people these days.

But, believe it or not. They’re not as bad as the “grouchy” individuals. Oh…these people take the proverbial cake! I’m pretty sure that they just wake up grouchy. It makes you wonder if their entire lives were lived this way. Nothing seems to make them happy, it’s simply their grouchy nature. Making the Oscar the Grouch look good!

It’s It Really All That Bad?

Well, I’m here to tell you….NO….it’s probably not that bad. But I’m not at liberty to say that really, because there are a lot of people with things going on in their lives….but then don’t we all. Yes, It’s true that some people have huge burdens to carry. But when you continue to dwell on negative things in your life whether it be personal, health, financial or even job-related issues, well they will just seem to manifest and get out of control. I’m not saying that everything is perfect because clearly nothing is perfect. But allowing negative, thoughts, energy and darkness to consume you and your life, it can begin to affect your health and flow out to other people around you.


Smile…It Won’t Kill You

Did you know that one little smile….. that’s it, just one beautiful smile not only makes whoever you come in contact with feel a little special…but it will also change your whole demeanor. It’s true! Push through the hurt…the sadness and even the anger that is dragging you down, because it is dragging you down and just smile. No, it’s not going to fix whatever is burdening you, but it will have a positive domino effect to everyone you come into contact with. A smile is infectious and will even make the person handing out the smiles feel the love. Go ahead and give it a try!

Things Remembered

Now’s The Time To Live A Little

Time…it’s such a sweet gift that is given to all. Yet not enjoyed by many. But what a lot of people forget that time… it is just that…..a gift. So, enjoy the life that you have, if you’re that unhappy then do something about it. Go back to school to further your career. End the relationship that is clearly broken and learn from it. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

The ball is in your court with your life…there is no need for negativity, or being grouchy. The world isn’t “doom and gloom.” Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of negativity going on in this world the life you live is what you make it. Surround yourself with love, friends, kindness. It’s time to get out of any negative funk you may be in and “Live” because it’s only your life to live. It’s your ship to sail.

Living life…what a wonderful thing.

Life is hard enough, but living it in an unhappy way full of sadness and negativity will cause you to carry a heaven burden….let it go


About That Whining…..

By now you’ve probably realized that what I’m really trying to say is that we are all here on this earth together and we all have our own struggles and ups and downs for whatever reasons. But I truly believe that if you try to the best of your ability, that when Mr.Negativity rears it’s ugly head, turn it around and never let it get you down.

The simple truth is…is that God will never really give us more than we can handle. So go on…… just breath…..” live a little or a lot”!

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