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Everyone Has An Opinion

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It’s an absolute fact….wouldn’t you agree? It’s the way of the world. We all have an opinion about one thing or another. Everyone seems to always have their own two-cents worth of something that they feel really needs to be said. Unfortunately…. most people don’t even think before they speak…. not sugar-coating anything… instead they just “blurt” out their opinion and just let the words settle and lie where they may. Not really caring whose feelings may be getting in the way. It’s sad…but true.

The phrase….”look before you leap” should apply when giving an opinion….”think before speaking” definitely comes into play. I’m almost certain that giving an opinion is getting worse the older that we get. Believe me…I have had to bite my tongue on multiple occasions in order to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings….or stirring up major controversy. Just because you “think” something…doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be announced to the world. So with that being said….keeping our comments to ourselves…may not be all that bad…..after all.

Pick your battles when thinking about giving your opinion….think clearly about what you would like to say….because simply half the time….once you thought about it…..it may not be all that, to begin with, and you even avoided stepping on anyone’s toes in the process. But…then again….you may also think about what you would like to say…..and just go for it…..no holds barred.

Sometimes…social media may backfire when giving an opinion on a topic…..any topic. Think about it for a minute….you may say something that is so innocent and then……it happens…..you will get an opinion from everyone under the sun….possibly even having your innocent little opinion getting way out of hand. Because…..remember…..everyone has an opinion. Be it wrong….right…or indifferent….everyone has an opinion.

There are so many topics out there that are better left alone….but nope….it’s not going to happen. Be it religion….sports….the opposite sex…..and politics….just to name a few…..heaven help us all…because opinions… they will come out of the woodwork…..like it or not.

But who is even right….maybe a little of both…but don’t tell that to the opinionated ones….that may just cause another issue. Sometimes, thou….the best of us just need to vent….not really wanting to step on anyone’s toes…or hurt anyone’s feeling for that matter…we just feel the need to speak our peace. But this day in age….a lot of people will not allow that…they would much rather…add fuel to the fire and see what happens.

Sometimes people…just need to allow….people…to just say what they want….and leave it at that….don’t give your opinion….because if you know deep down that toes will be stepped on….then enough already……leave it alone. I see it every day…..all day…..when “surfing” social media. There are some pretty “hot” topics….that does actually bother me…..but I prefer to leave well enough alone…..and let it go. Don’t get me wrong…I have been known to give my opinion a time or two….okay maybe three times…but for the most part…I just let it pass me by…..I just let it go.

We are lucky enough to live in a country of free speech……but communication among one another is so much better is my opinion….because I despise controversy. Giving an opinion is great…fine and dandy…..and all of that jazz…..but simple…down to earth…back in the day…communication….well it’s just key…..wouldn’t you agree?



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  1. I like your comment about pick your battles – I’ve found that to be so valuable in life and work

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I really appreciate it.

      1. Kimberlie says:

        I too wish people understood there’s no need to engage with everyone about their opinion or try to change their minds. It is infuriating to be on social media lately, due to the incessant bickering.

        1. Very well said, Kimberlie….thank you. 🙂

  2. Brenda, this was such a refreshing and insightful article. My wonderful Aunt Carol, who was a History Teacher and the sponsor of the Debate team, always had this to say: I’m proud to be an American. Everyone is entitled to their wrong opinion!

    1. Thanks, Beth. I love your Aunt’s opinion and agree with her 100%!!

  3. So true. I always try to see multiple points of view in an argument, ask questions, and weigh the facts. I used to have political conversations with our next door neighbor at work whose opinions different wildly from my own. But we were able to keep it civil, and as a result, I was able to get my points across without getting upset or feeling like I needed to change his mind or that he needed to change mine. When you see where others are coming from in their arguments, it helps to see that there is more than one way to look at things and that different people can be affected by different decisions.

    1. Laura, thank you for your wonderful comment.

  4. Agreed. I’m at a point in my life where it’s just NOT worth it to state my opinion if it’s going to set someone else off! Now….if I could only get my hubby to think that way. Life would be easier! LOL – thanks for sharing!

    1. Kelly, I agree with you 100%. I’m still working on my husband too!! 🙂

  5. I agree with you Brenda. People need to think first before they give their opinions to others. They need to know first what the person is like. Beside opinions, telling jokes is another thing people should think about. Not all people can’t take joke and will find your joke is funny.

    1. Thank you, sweet friend.

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