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Because I’m Older Now

I can remember wanting everything that life had to offer. From taking trips, to really doing whatever I wanted and even just doing nothing at all. But, I’m older now…..not old….at least I don’t feel that old….just older. But I have come to realize that as all of the years have gone by, I have done those things and so much more. It’s simply putting everything into perspective.

I still have so much more living to do. So much more growing and learning…because you all realize that growing and learning never stops as long as your living. With age also comes wisdom. How do I know this, you ask? Well, because I’m older now.

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Finding that “Happy Medium” in your life is easier than you think….but can be really hard for so many. Happiness comes from within oneself…you cannot buy it…nor handed to you….it has always been within your very own soul. But there are so many obstacles in our lives that can hinder any type of self-happiness. This could be because of bad relationships…marriage…jobs…financial struggles…illnesses…the list can go on and on. I know this…because I’ve learned this for myself and I say this to you….because I’m older now.

Isn’t it something how your mom and dad was always the “Go-To” person for every issue that you may have had, no matter how big or small. That they always had all of the answers….always knew the right thing for you to do…..always your biggest cheerleader…just always had the right thing to say. Not ever realizing, at that time that one day that you would eventually be that “Go-To” person for someone as well. That one day, you would know all of the answers in someone else’s eyes, or at the very least….act as you did. I know all of this…because I’m older now.

Life doesn’t have to be that hard all of the time. We don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist or an Engineer to try to figure all of this out. Life is about taking the bull by the horns…holding on tight, through all of the stumbles. Just pick yourself up….dust yourself off…make a few adjustments and move on. I’m not a Rocket Scientist or even an Engineer….I’m simply a woman….learning along the way and happy to say…because I’m older now.

We should all look towards each day as a new start for a multitude of reasons and things. First and foremost, thank your lucky stars that you have been given the gift of waking up to a new day… period. This alone should be reason enough to smile….”Your Alive!” For so many, sadly, this gift will never come. Yes, a new day is to complete what you may have started the previous day and to plan future endeavors. But it is also to work towards fixing what may be broken in a relationship, friendship, and even yourself. I have learned all of this…because…I’m older now.


As all of my years have passed me by…I have laughed…I have cried…I have wished and I have hoped. I have loved and I have lost…I have regretted and I have yearned. I have missed and I have sometimes judged. But, I will continue to learn, to teach, to pray, to sing, to live. It’s what I do best… because I’m older now.

Things Remembered

I can tell you these things and so many more…but I can’t do your living for you…that my friend is up to you. My mama used to say to me….you will always come first…my kids will always be first. This was a comfort for me on so many levels. Because in my eyes to this very day…I know that this will always ring true. I tell my kids the very same thing…almost hearing my mama’s voice as I speak. But, then I realize, there really needs to be a time, where I do actually put me first and you should too. Because without that..what good can we be? I know this…because I’m older now.

I’ve learned to slow down…soak it all in…and continue on my own path of learning, teaching,loving and above all living. I’ve learned to try and let things go…let nature take it’s course and not dwell on what I cannot change. I know this and oh..so very much more…because, my dear friend…I’m older now.



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  1. Thanks for sharing this Brenda it means so much to me. This post is a great reminder for me and it’s true that sometimes we have to do the me first before anyone else. I believed we must take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. I love reading every bit of this and came to me in a perfect time when I need it the most!

    1. April, you are so very sweet to say this. I’m really glad that this post touched you as it did. I’ve very grateful for you, your support and kind words.

  2. Lovely post Brenda. It helps one think and reflect on what is truly important. Life, plus life after now. Eternity. We’re not getting younger.

    1. Thanks, Betty I completely agree….time is quickly passing us by.

  3. Love this post, sometimes we are so caught up in the daily routine that our own well-being and self care is one of the last things we take a double look at, and in reality we need to take care of ourselves first before we are able to take care of others

  4. I totally LOVE this post!!! 100% true and I totally enjoyed reading it! You have an amazing way with words!

    1. Thank you, so much Sharon. That really means a lot to me. 🙂

  5. This is beautiful, I enjoyed every little part of it!

    1. Thank you so much, Kennedy. That really means a lot to me. 🙂

  6. Profound and thought provoking. I believe this is why, in so many cultures, the elders were revered. When someone has more life-experience than you, the common sense thing to do is listen. Unfortunately, not many people do these days. Thank you for sharing for those who want to!

    1. Thank you, Lauryn. 🙂

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