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Back To School….Already?

How can that be? Wasn’t it like the beginning of summer break not that long ago? It seems to me like time is flashing by at warp speed. I’m beginning to realize it even more now the older that I get.

Have you noticed that mid-way into July all of the stores, Walmart and Target just to name a couple of places already have school supplies out? It’s amazing how that works. Most people haven’t even taken their “family” vacation yet and school supplies are already out on the shelves!

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Separation Withdrawal

Sometimes, with kids going back to school is harder on the parents than even the kids. From the first day of kindergarten to sending them off to college. The separation withdrawal or anxiety whichever one you want to call it is very real for so many parents. But for those parents that feel that way. Just remember how important it is for your kids to be a part of other kids their own age. They not only get their education but it also teaches them to get along with others..make friends…how to appreciate things other than what is given and taught to them at home.

I must admit, that I was a rare breed regarding any type of separation withdrawal. Because when it came to sending my kids back to school in August…well I was more than ready. It was a relief. Growing boys, eat you out of house and home when their home all summer long. The complaining of being bored for one thing. In and out the door with all of their friends. Oh, that dreaded electricity bill!! Yep, for me…August wasn’t coming quick enough.

Education…..it’s the key to success. Just remember…..there is no elevator to success….you have to take the stairs.


Back To The Classroom

Within a few weeks, classrooms from across the world will be filled with kids of all ages. Ready to get to work, to learn. Arms overflowing with school supplies, with most eager to be back!

Time For A Routine!

My three boys are all grown with kids of their own. But there was always a routine that began in our home about one week prior to school starting. Maybe this will work for your gang too! First of all, for the kids that were in elementary and middle school, getting them back on a schedule of staying up late comes to an end exactly one week before school starts. Each day during that one week, their “staying-up-late” time gradually decreased! This allows them to gradually return back to a normal school bedtime.


This really needs to include ALL electronics. Kids these days are on them non-stop, so having them pull away from that is a must as well! I’ve witnessed it first hand when my grandsons have spent the night and when I’ve gone in the bedroom to check on them and their electronic device is illuminating in the room! So time to nix the electronics at bedtime when school starts!

Things Remembered

Shopping For Schools Clothes!!

Aahhh…the best part of going back to school for all kids…going shopping!

Time to grab that cart & get shopping!!

Back in the day, having three growing boys to buy new clothes for. Well, this can get pretty pricey, so for me, “layaway” was the way to go. Sadly there aren’t many clothing stores that provide that option. So setting a budget for each child and “stashing” some cash for a rainy day will be the best way to go for those with more than 2-3 kids to buy clothes for. One of the BEST places to shop for kids of all ages clothes is at Target, so get to “clicking!”

Blue-Jean Jackets, they go with everything!
For high school and college-age young women.
Be sure to catch the “Sale” rack!

Loads To Learn…Memories to Be Made!

Believe it or not, these are the best days of their lives. Working hard to further their education is the foundation of what lies ahead for each and every individual child. This is when their minds, bodies, and souls are molded to the future adults that they will become. Encouragement is the name of the game that they all thirst for, and it’s up to us, the parents, teachers, family, and friends to be there to help lead the way.

Each growing individual is like a sponge ready to soak in all of the knowledge that comes their way. School no matter the age group is to never be taken lightly because in so many other countries it is denied to so many others.

Encouragement, a lot of kids need it and others just hit the ground running. But either way, always appreciated.

Some of the best times I had from the friends I had in school and the many memories that came along. I loved school through good times and bad. School…the opportunity of a lifetime. Here’s to our future, doctors, nurses, police officers, and firefighters. To the future teachers, politicians, scientists and businessmen and women. The list goes on and on. Enjoy your “Educational Ride” it’s yours and yours alone for the taking.

So, Yes…Back To School Already

It’s not as bad as it seems…..it’s just life and the changes that go along with it. Don’t worry, as fast as time flies….summer break will once again be upon us.

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  1. Back to school can be stressful, so I am glad you are talking about this!

    1. Thanks, Jamilyn, I appreciate that.

  2. The Back To School season is upon us. Part of me is happy to see him go back because he learns so much and makes so many friends. The other part of me is sad, I really do love our little summer routine!

    1. Thanks for your comment Ashley. I think that it’s harder on the parents. Your son is probably excited! 🙂

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