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Penny For Your Thoughts

Hello….is anybody in there?

If I had a penny for every thought floating around in my head……well…let’s just say, my piggy bank would be overflowing! A Penny for Your Thoughts…it is a phrase that is often used when someone has gotten really quiet and maybe even just staring off into space. A Penny for Your Thoughts….keeping all of those thoughts bottled up in one’s mind, heart and soul….can be extremely overwhelming.

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Let Your Thoughts Flow

A Penny For Your Thoughts…..it’s not as simple a statement as it sounds. Because staring off into space for so many is almost as if they’re recharging their mind for a brief moment or maybe just daydreaming. But for many others…the mind is going a mile-a-minute, with thought aflow.

Thoughts fall under so many categories…the good…the bad….the happy and the sad. They are our thoughts never the less.


A daydream is a series of pleasant thoughts that can easily distract one’s attention from the present. Did you know that daydreaming is actually very good for the mind? It really is, because it gives your mind the opportunity to “escape” your current task.

The definition of a daydream is a fantasy or even a series of “pleasant” thoughts that you can have while you’re awake. It really scoops you away from your present reality. Here is a prime example. You’re sitting at your cubicle at work… papers of “stuff” piled all over it and you start to fantasize about being on a tropical island with a “fruity drink” in hand. Then you look around and see that instead of a “fruity drink” in your hand it is actually the phone that you just answered. Then that my friends is an example of a daydream.

If You Can Dream It…You Can Live It

My mind is always running one hundred miles a minute. I’m really pretty good at multi-tasking, but I have a tendency to allow everything that’s going on in my mind to take control. I am able to sort things out by writing them down instead of allowing it to consume me. You can too, you know. Did you know that the majority of whats “running” through your mind can actually come true….in due time anyway. You just have to believe. Some things just need extra time, hard work, determination and oh so lots and lots of patience.

Things Remembered

Giving Your Two Cents Worth

Yes….it true. We are always ready to dig into our pockets and pull out two pennies to give someone our “Two Cents Worth.” Don’t laugh…not only have you probably dished out your two cents worth of advice, but I’m also absolutely certain that you’ve received it in return.

I am usually a bit more generous with my advice…at least fifty cents worth. Just ask my kids! I just figure why not share the wealth of my advice. Isn’t that what moms are for?

A Penny For Your Thoughts

That is just one of the many questions that you can be asked that will lead you to the same answer. Here are just a few of the ones that I have heard and probably even asked myself. When you or someone else is in deep thought.

  1. A Penny for your thoughts.
  2. Hello….is anybody in there?
  3. So, what’s on your mind?
  4. Hey…where did you drift off to?
  5. What’s going on in your mind right now?
  6. What are you thinking about over there?
  7. What’s up?!
  8. Hello McFly!!
  9. Knock..knock…anybody in there.
  10. Welcome back!

Toss A Penny…Make A Wish

Save some of your “thought” pennies to toss in a fountain and make a wish. We all do it. If you ever come upon a fountain, you just automatically grab a penny…make a wish…and toss it into a fountain that is already full of pennies and wishes. Most wishes are the same. A new job, a huge financial windfall and I’m certain that the number one wish is for the love of your life to come into your life. There are many many more wishes of all kinds. But only the fountains know what they all are. It’s their little secret.

Have you ever wondered what really happens to all of those coins at the bottom of all of those fountains? Pennies are what is usually tossed into the fountains, but all sorts of coins have made their way to the bottoms of the fountains too. Well, eventually, these fountains have to be cleaned out to keep them from getting clogged up. In most cities, the workers that clean the fountains will keep the cash, sometimes even allowing the public to join in to collect and keep the change. In other cities the money is either donated back to the city for maintenance reasons or even used to feed the homeless. So… there you have it and now you know.

Wishes aren’t limited to the old at heart but even the young at heart. Everyone needs the chance to make a wish. It does a body good.

A Penny For Your Thoughts…because thoughts are wishes in disguise and wishes are what dreams are made of.

—Brenda xo

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  1. Denise says:

    You had me thinking about where the pennies in a fountain ended up. That was great info I didn’t know! I guess I just thought they disappeared into our wishes like we hoped they did lol 😂

    1. Right! Those wishes were priceless to everyone that made one!

  2. Yes, such a wonderful way to wish and dream Brenda! I always wondered what happened to the coins too! I am so glad they put them to good use! Thank you for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome, Denise!

  3. Corinne says:

    As an introvert, I tend to daydream and live in my head a lot – it’s not uncommon to hear that phrase everyday, especially from my husband. And you’re right, it’s a great escape.

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