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Just One More Day

I Needed More Time

“I wasn’t ready to let you go…..this was the hardest thing that I ever had to do.” Losing a loved one, how do you even begin to prepare for it? Well, you can’t really. Life on earth isn’t for an eternity, only the memories are. But, when the time is here to let someone go, the heartbreak is beyond measure. When the loss is through a tragic event, well there are no words of comfort. This heartache is beyond repair…..only time is the healer.

We always wish that we had more time with that person…..just one more day. But as selfish as I am with my loved ones…….one more day would never be enough. You know…one day, you will be that someone for someone that they wish they had more time to have and share with. It’s called life.

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I’ll Keep You In My Prayers

Our loved ones hear our prayers…..everyone one them. It fills their souls when we send our prayers their way. It’s a one on one connection that is solely between you and your loved one. It is so important to speak to your loved ones that have passed on. They hear everything that you have to say to them. No, it’s not the same as if they were there in front of you….but their listening is just the same.

I’ll Miss You Forever

It has been eight years since my stepdad took his last breath. The hurt has escaped my life…but the longing to have him here is still as strong as if it were eight years ago. This is a man that when he married my mom…became an instant stepdad and took all five of her kids under his wing and labeled us all his kids. We were all adults with lives of our own, with the exception of my younger brother that was still in high school. He loved us all individually and unconditionally. He was the best thing that ever happened to my mom and to our lives.

Saying goodbye to him on Thanksgiving Day all of those years ago, was one of the hardest things for us all. The selfishness in ourselves didn’t want to let go….but the reality of it all is that his body, refused to fight any longer. We had to let him go. But he is here for me and all of us every day and he hears my prayers and for that, I take comfort. But, with that all said…I still do and will always, miss him every day.

Just One More Day

That’s all I ask…I would then reach out to my stepdad, my grandpa and for my very dear grandma. I miss their smile, their voice, their touch. Just one more day…to let them know about the woman that I’ve become, of the way I’ve raised my kids and the way I live my life. Just one more day, to share my achievements and accomplishments. Just one more day….one more hour…I’ll take what I would be given. But if the truth is known, they already know of all of these things, because they are with me every day, to share in all of my life’s experiences…silently watching over me.


Let It Be Known…Life Must Go On

As hard as it is…there really is the time where you need to pick yourself up and live again. You are by no means disrespecting anyone that you’ve lost. It is really what your loved one would want. They know and see what we go through when they are no longer with us. But what hurts their soul, even more, is not allowing yourself to finally move on. They don’t want to be forgotten, they just don’t want to be dwelled upon. They want you to grieve for them because this is a release for the living…they just do not want you to allow yourself to go into a state of depression….this can easily happen if you allow it. But don’t allow it to happen. Let time run its course and heal your heart. There is no medication or even advise that will allow you to move on…only time. But no matter what, take comfort in knowing that they are, whole, complete and free to fly. Each individual’s soul that has passed on is complete when they know that the ones that they left behind are moving on and living again. Remember that it really is okay to begin to live again.

Things Remembered

I’ll Love You Until Forever

Our love ones that are no longer here…know how we feel, and how we feel about them. Love is a bond that can never be broken…it is just as strong here on earth as it is when we cross over. That’s just the way it is. But it’s also important to know that our loved ones want us to also love again and be happy….because we are still living. Don’t ever let the love that you have just go away and never be shared again because our loved ones want you to move on and live your life to the fullest. For some, it may be baby-steps and that is okay. They will always continue to feel the love that you will always have for them. So, for them…it’s okay to love again.

We will all be together again….there is absolutely no doubt about it. Never allow your mourning process of your loss consume you. You will be o’kay if you just open your heart. Take one day at a time my friends…..our journies just change, but they never end.



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  1. A beautiful post Brenda! Your story and the song brought me to tears. So sorry for the loss of your stepdad, but you will always have wonderful memories of him and he will always be with you in your heart! I lost both of my parents within 5 days of each other 27 years ago, and my faith, family, and friends gave me the support that I needed to move on and became a stronger person. Thank you for sharing your tender and moving story! God Bless!

    1. Thank you, Denise. Your kind words always touch my heart. This particullary post, was very emotional for me when I wrote it and then re-read it. I’m very thankful to you my friend.

  2. This post was very timely. It has been a couple of week of losses in my family with a few additional losses expected this month. One of the hardest was a friend of mine who was a soror and also a teacher I hired when I was a Principal. Last week she had an accident and fell into a coma. She was to graduate with her doctorate last weekend but was still in the coma. Over the weekend I was notified that she transitioned. I know it is inevitable but as you said, I would have wanted to have more time and wish that I had taken advantage of time I had but wasted. I vow to be and do better as my life goes on without those who I’ve lost. Thank you for your poem.

    1. Oh, Jean my heart breaks for all of your losses. Letting go is never easy, even when you know the time is near. I hope that you can take comfort in knowing that any suffering is no more. I send a “Big Hug” to you. I appreciate you stopping by and I hoped that I’ve made you feel a little better.

  3. This is a precious story and I can surely relate to it. Thanks for putting into words what our hearts know.

    1. Thanks, Louise. This is one of my favorites too. 🙂

  4. Beautifully written Brenda, my best friend passed a little over a year ago. He just didn’t wake up one morning. It took me a long while to not reach for the phone to chat, text him a quick message or ask his advice on something. Now I talk to him and ask his thoughts on things and feel like he is guiding me along. I feel as if he knows what I am doing and cheering me on in the background. I would love one more day just to tell him how very special he was to me.

    1. Thank you, so much Justine. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. But I will say, that I am so glad that you talk to him…because he hears you and he knows about all of your accomplishments in your life. Yes….he is guiding you…remember that my dear friend. xo

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