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Keto…Easy As 1, 2, 3

It really is as easy as 1…..2….3……but in all honesty, you really need to be……..” all-in”…when you are ready to take the leap and start a brand new keto journey….because it is a big change. For me….it was a change for the better. Let me tell you why.

For Starters…..#1

If the truth is known….food really is overrated. Because if you really think about it most of us live to eat…..it really needs to be the other way around, don’t you think? Shouldn’t it be….oh I don’t know……eat to live? Hhmmm…..what a concept. Don’t get me wrong…I am not here to get on any soap-box and “preach” the do’s and dont’s of eating. Nope…..I am merely here to maybe….just maybe get at least one reader to try these tips and pointers that have helped me to eat better….get really fit and healthier…..but most of all for me… lose weight……because…..I’m here to tell you……that it has all really worked for me.

The best part of adjusting your eating habits is that you are in charge and you will know when it’s okay to “treat” yourself to that “not so keto” meal. I do….but always within moderation. Once your mind is set to make the change….you have accomplished the biggest hurdle.

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Get On Your Mark…..#2

Don’t just empty out your pantry and refrigerator just yet!! Nope……I highly recommend that you start by purchasing two books. “Any Way You Can”, by… Annette Bosworth, M.D. (that I mentioned in my earlier post)…… How Keto Changed Me and this great Keto cookbook, “The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners”….by Amy Ramos. These two books will not disappoint and are the perfect start to put you in the right direction while beginning your very own keto journey.

Get a support system. Find someone else to join you on this journey….someone like your spouse….special someone….best friend….or even a co-worker. Having a support system is great, that way you will always have someone to lean on….someone that is your very own cheerleader and you are theirs. It’s just what you will need the most when you take this plunge.

The Sky Is The Limit…..#3

I have been on my keto journey for nine months now…..proudly 27 pounds lighter. If the truth is known…I am very happy and content where I am….but I plan to let nature take its course…so losing 8 more pounds will completely surpass my goal….and that’s more than alright with me.


I really can’t stress enough that once you begin and as long as you stay the course….with an occasional “cheat day” every now and again…your body will do all of the rest….but motivation and determination is an absolute. So…stay focused!

Things Remembered

Fasting is key…and I have learned to really love it. Think about it for a minute….we all fast already…when we go to bed at night and sleeping….we are fasting….when we wake up and finally eat breakfast….well….we’re breaking our fast. The easiest way to begin to learn to fast…is to eat earlier in the evening….rather than late at night. Then push your breakfast time out. You will then easily be fasting 16, 18, or even more hours than you expected. But while I am fasting…I drink lots of water…..also… I have learned to try, and now actually love different types of teas all because of my friend Justine with The Tea Chest Blog….she is a major inspiration for me in my journey…. because of her blog… I drink tea while fasting and it really makes a huge difference….and in doing so… I’m able to continue my fast longer. So I encourage you to be sure and click over to her blog to get new types of tea inspiration. Her love of tea will be perfect for you as well.

It’s Never Too Late

I’m not a nutritionist…..or a physician….so if you have any current health issues…..be sure to check with your physician before starting any type of diet.

One major thing that I have learned while on this journey is that with my weight loss…I have been able to stop taking certain medications that I no longer need. My husband was considered a “pre-diabetic” before starting on Keto. But since he has lost 55 pounds….his glucose is completely normal. Oh….by by the way…he is only 5 pounds away from his goal weight. Just think….this could be you too! If you can dream it…..you can live it.

Just remember this….it is never to late to make a healthier change in your life. You can do this…..because I have faith in you. Be sure to check out some great recipes that I know….hands down…that you will love too! I will be sharing those in future posts.

Always remember that when it comes to healthier living….”The Sky is the Limit!”



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  1. I’ve always wanted to learn more about keto! This was so informative, thanks for posting!

    1. You’re so welcome, Kenya! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your keto journey I don’t know if it’s the lifestyle we want but we might be able to get some recipes you like. Thanks for sharing the tea tips! I love teas and my favorite so far are Taiwanese teas. 😬

    1. Thanks for stopping by, April.

  3. Kimberlie says:

    The most powerful thing I learned when I started on the road to health is to treat food as fuel. Thank you for the reminder that food is overrated.

    1. You’re welcome, Kimberlie! 🙂

  4. Great post, Brenda! I can’t wait to interview you on this and share on my podcast, as you and your husband have seen such wonderful benefits on this diet. I have learned myself that if you are feeling fatigued and sluggish, and put on weight you are not comfortable with, it is time to change your lifestyle. It is amazing how much better you feel and look, and you can even reverse certain health issues. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome and thank you, Denise, for the wonderful comment. I am really looking forward to getting together “virtually” for your podcast!!

  5. Very informative! I like how you went in depth to explain that it is a process. Many people find it difficult to start and maintain a new diet/lifestyle. It all starts with preparing the mind (reading your recommended books to gain more incite). Great stuff!

    1. Thank you so much, Kay! I really appreciate your kind words.

  6. Lisa Manderino says:

    I have loved doing keto. I have been on it since May I have lost 12 pounds but I could eat like this forever and hope I lose more weight!

    1. Good for you, Lisa! Keep up the great work!

  7. leeandra says:

    Great information! I’ve wanted to learned more about the keto diet.

    1. You’re welcome!

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