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A Life Worth Living

What is Life?

Our life………its full of ups and downs……sadness and sorrow…..decisions and complications. Life….is full of surprises…excitement…let downs and disappointments. Life…..it’s about lessons and learning….compromises and even compassion. Life….it’s all of those things, but so much more.

A Gift

We are all a gift in this world….did you know that? You better believe it. We are a blessing and a miracle all rolled into one. This is why it is so hard for me when individuals take their own lives. That someone is so depressed for whatever negative reason that may be going on in their lives that they feel there is no other option, but to end one’s own “gift” of life. It just saddens me. It’s such a tragic loss. The many lives that are affected when someone leaves this earth are just devastating. The loss of life…no matter how they leave this earth. It’s a domino effect of emotions.

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As the delicate petals of this rose…so is life.

My A B C’s Of Living

Always have compassion for one another.

Be selfless, and supportive.

Cherish every moment, because moments don’t last forever.

Daily prayers, no matter the religion is fuel for the soul.

Everyone is special to someone.

Things Remembered

Friendship is one of the many keys to a happy and healthy life.

Growing old is an honor, not a burden…so live it up, you’ve earned it!

How you treat another is a reflection on the type of person you really are.

Individuality….isn’t it wonderful..it makes the world a better place.

Just remember, the world is your oyster..so go for it!

Kindness should always be a part of your everyday life.

Love, it really does make the world go ’round.

May you always learn from your mistakes.

No one knows you better than you. So always remember your worth.

Once you find what makes you happy, then take the leap and do it!

Priority is key when raising a family. Your kids are your main priority!

Quality of life…it’s not the amount of money you make it’s the way you live.

Remember, your life is priceless…so “Handle With Care.”

Sharing, this is key…but really hard for so many people.

Trust….what a powerful meaning for such a little word.

Understanding, so many people lack this trait. Add it to your life.

Value your life and others. It is so fragile and be taken away in an instance

Wishes are wonderful….. fun and healthy..so “Wish-Away!”

Xing (Crossing) or taking a Leap of Faith.

You help make this work a better place.

Zillion…that’s how many reasons there are for living.

Live, Laugh And Love

Living isn’t just about working every day to make the most money that you can. Because in doing so….you really just miss the world around you. Think about it for a minute. Yes, I know we all need money to have the kind of comfortable life that we want, and that’s all fine and dandy. But don’t lose the big picture here. When you become so enthralled at the task at hand….aka work….you miss everything, because life isn’t going to just stop for you to earn your millions! Your baby is going to take that first step whether your there or not, and you will wonder where all of the time went when they are old enough to ask to “borrow the keys.”

Do you really want to miss, their first crush and even heartache, the first after school job, or that your baby is leaving for college? It may seem like I’m exaggerating, but I’m really not. These are milestones for you and your kids….so live a little…prioritize your time….your family needs you.

Laugh a little or a lot. It not only releases pent up anxiety, but it releases stress. The sound of someone laughing because of something exciting going on for them is priceless. So, go ahead…laugh a little or a lot. You’ll thank me later.

Love…it makes the world go ’round. It makes the heart beat faster and even skip a beat. There are so many facets of love. The sweetest love of all is that from and for a child. The love you share with friends and even co-workers is very heartwarming. The love for your parents is full of grace and thankfulness. Then the love between two people can be on so many levels. The comfort and endearing love that will remain in your heart. But the love when two souls connect is a love that is undeniable one that can never be broken whether connected on a physical connection or not. This love will remain until the end of time.

It’s Your Life So Live It

Let your head and yes, your heart guide you on your life’s journey, It’s a road full of thrills and chills…ups and downs. Then mix in a dash of happiness, disappointment, love, and even some loss. Never forget that this is just a tip of the iceberg called life.

Did you know that you being here reading this was meant to be? Well, it was. I’m truly touched from the bottom of my heart that our paths have crossed. Be sure to come back….don’t be a stranger….we’re all friends here.



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  1. Love your post Brenda! So true we can get caught up in our daily lives, and forget the important things we should cherish! Life is short, so we should make the most of it and “smell the roses” daily. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes, indeed. Thanks, Denise.

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