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It’s Fall Y’all

Well…”Helloooooo Fall!” I am so glad that the calendar says that you”re finally here…….however, Mother Nature seems to think otherwise. You see, the weather station in my house reads that the high is still in the low 90s, with an occasional “tease” of a low in the high 70s. Living in South Texas, we really only have two seasons…Summer…..extremely hot and Winter….cold, rainy wet slushy mess….sometimes even in the same week! It’s true! Many a week I may have sweatpants on then mid-week, I would really need to pull out my shorts…because it’s too hot! But, it is what it is…..I’ve lived here my entire life…so you’d think that I’d be used to it by now…..well….only barely!

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There is something really so wonderful about Fall. Once it finally starts to cool down a bit, you can just feel the calmness in the air. Almost a calmness of sorts. One thing that I have never have the opportunity to experience though is the changing colors of all of the leaves on the trees. That never really ever happens the same, down here in the south, as it does up north! I was blessed, however, to experience it when my husband and I traveled by RV up to Pennsylvania. We were there for the last two weeks of October in 2017and it was truly amazing. The colors were literally changing as the days went by. It’s almost magical!


Be still my heart! Starbucks has officially brought back, Pumpkin Spice Latte. I love at least one hot cup of coffee in the early morning hours. This is my most favorite time of the day. The house is still and quiet, with just me and a hot cup of coffee…but on occasion, Riley, and Baxter, my two miniature schnauzers will join me. But, my-o-my…..I love pumpkin spice latte….and don’t forget the whipped cream….it’s not complete without it. Oh yeah…there’s nothing else like it!

Everyone should try it at least once…you know it’s almost just like a dessert in itself. I rarely drink coffee past breakfast time….but this latte, my friends is an exception to the rule. I say…”Go For It!”

Oh My! Let them eat pie!! My grandmother used to make all of her pies and cakes too, from scratch, even my favorite a pumpkin pie. Her homemade pumpkin pie is the very first that I ever tried as a young girl. For the record, my grandparents were always trying to have us eat, all that she cooked. I must say, it was by far…the very best pumpkin pie…ever! Years later I tried to make one from scratch….just once……it didn’t work out so well. So, needless to say, I never went there again.

But, pumpkin pie….it really is a seasonal dessert, and it’s usually available freshly baked from September through mid-January. Oh, you can always find one in the freezer section. But that’s not really the same as the one that’s freshly baked. This is such a simple dessert, nothing really fancy about it…..but it’s oh, so good, and it screams Fall.


In Style

Some of the best clothes are worn during the Fall and Winter seasons. You’re able to mix and match and layer. The choices are endless. Men and women alike, grab a pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, and your boots or comfy shoes. You will be styling and your comfortable at that. Then your ready to take off and do your thing. But don’t forget the kiddos, they need to look “cool” too!

Things Remembered

Perfect Time Of The Year

I’m fairly certain, that besides the pumpkin spice latte and the much cooler weather. The main reason, for me for loving this season is because it means that Thanksgiving is over the “Halloween Horizon.” It’s when family and friends gather together. There are no gifts involved, only family, friends, food and fun. It’s a time for giving thanks and count your blessings.

Fall, to me, also means that the year will soon be coming to an end…it’s a chance for a new beginning because a new year will once again be upon us. But let us cool our heels a little bit, they’ve just barely brought back my pumpkin spice latte!!

Count Your Blessings

This is something that should be done on a daily basis anyway. Don’t just wait for the “right” time of the year, to count your blessing….because sometimes, the time will escape you and then it’s too late.

So with that being said….. thank you for hanging around, it means the world to me…. for I am grateful for you.



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  1. Barbara Green says:

    Do you have your Grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe? I would love to have it. I can’t find mine from my grandma.
    Love your Blog!


    1. Hey Barbie! I sure wish that I did have her recipe. I know that a lot of her recipes were by heart. I am really glad that you love my blog!! 🙂

  2. Brenda, I am so glad I had some extra time this Sunday morning to go to some of my favorite bloggers’ sites and you’re definitely right there in the top! I see you’re from South Texas, I’m in Arlington. I love the Fall as it cools off but I love living in Texas simply because I just don’t like cold weather and snow! When I read about your grandma’s pumpkin pie, I too have those fond memories, and the homemade crust was the best! (Not some Pillsbury crust in a can!) Anyway, love reading your articles. Many blessings.

    1. Beth, glad to know that you too are from Texas! Your kind words are so nice, it truly means a lot. I love your blog as well. Thanks for coming over to mine. 🙂

  3. Brenda, such a heartwarming post that makes you feel like we are there with you enjoying the leaves, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, the delicious pumpkin pie, the clothing we get to wear, and the looking forward to being with family and friends during the Holidays! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Denise…you always have such kind words to say and it warms my heart. 🙂

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