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“It’s Rough Out There”

Have you ever had one of those days, you know the one? The alarm doesn’t go off, so you are officially running late for work. To make matters worse, you are out of coffee! Oh…. and then there’s the dreaded traffic, could it get any worse?! Absolutely!! You officially clock in late for work and well…..the rest is history. Oh, if you could only go back to bed and start the day all over again! But you can’t….you know why? Because “It’s Rough Out There!”

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It’s not really the end of the world, it just feels like it. Sometimes things go from bad to worse and you feel like you’re on that hamster wheel running around and around and it clearly will not stop. But it will……” hang in there.” The day will eventually turn into night and you get to recharge….get your bearings straight…..decompress and make tomorrow a better day. A crappy day isn’t the end of the world, it just feels like it when nothing seems to be going right. Sometimes, that’s just the way it goes…Because….”It’s Rough Out There!”

Times are Tough…..

The minimum wage is completely ridiculous! Even though the economy is “Booming”, there are a lot of people out there unable to find a job that is worth their job capacity value. A teenager working after school is completely capable of earning minimum wage and that should be completely acceptable because of its $7.25 per hour. But hardworking blue-collar workers without a college degree should have a base hourly wage of at least, I don’t know $17.00. But I’m almost certain that my “assumption” of what they should be paid is completely wrong. You know why……..? “Because …It’s Rough Out There!”

Times really are tough for so many people. Whether it be a not having a job, or unhappy with the job you currently in, or lack of income, personal relationship issues, and the list go on and on. We all have stumbling blocks in our lives. Obstacles seem to creep into our daily lives. But try as we might, we pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and muddle through the issues….or at least we try to. You know why……? Because …It’s Rough Out There!”

There’s Always a Light…..

Life will always throw a wrench into our plans….that’s why it’s called life. There will always be the up and downs. Issues that will need to be dealt with. The end of a job, or an argument with your best friend. A broken heart that will seem to take forever to mend, and for so many may never mend. The devastation of an illness or the loss of a loved one. Even depression that you cannot seem to crawl out of.

These are all situations they people go through…maybe you’re going through one of these now. But situations do turn around….there’s always another job, help for that illness or even the right relationship that you’ve waited all of your life for. You’ve got to believe….got to have hope….say your prayers, they really are being heard. Pull together within your family unit. Say “I’m sorry”…..hug your best friend. Let go of all of the negative….it’s doing you no good and it just brings you down. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again……Let it go…..Because, “It’s Rough Out There!”


It’s Rough Out There…..

Yes, it is and it will always be. But so many more good days can and will out weight the bad. But you must know….. life isn’t meant to be lived alone. We all need family, friends, coworkers, that special someone and sometimes even the kindness of strangers to help get us through that moment in time when you simply can’t hold on anymore. Yes, you’re right… it’s rough out there….but we’ve got this. So, Go Out and Live. xo

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  1. Very well said. Thank you I needed this

    1. Thank you so much, Erica. It was my pleasure. 🙂

      1. Love this. It’s good to hold on to hope. Just keep going!

  2. Great words! I need this! Thank you! Because it is hard out there.

    1. Thanks Ashlee!! 🙂

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