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Spring Cleaning….Anytime

Can I get a raise of hands from everyone that loves spring cleaning?? Anyone??????? Yes, I know…..this is the internet and I can’t actually see anyone raising their hands. But I’m pretty sure, there weren’t any raised hands anyway. So it doesn’t really matter now does it!!

Well you know, there are so many categories for cleaning. The main one which holds the title of “Spring Cleaning” is to thoroughly clean your house in the springtime. From top to bottom, getting rid of all the dust that has collected in the areas that were hidden during the winter months…..hence “Spring Cleaning.” There really isn’t any right or wrong way to do this, so clean to the beat of your own drum.

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Don’t forget the windows!

Step out of the box when cleaning those windows and mirrors by mixing 50% distilled vinegar and 50% tap water in a squirt bottle. This may be already on hand at home so you’ve saved some cash! If you prefer the store brand, then grab that bottle of Windex and get after it! Go that extra step and grab some old newspapers instead of paper towels. They work great and don’t leave streaks.

Closet declutter is a must!

A few years back I learned a trick to get rid of clothes that you no longer wear. Take all of your hanging clothes and turn the hangers around so that the open-ended hanger is facing out (towards you). Every time you take an article of clothing down to wear, rehang it back with the hanger facing the wall, the “normal” way. Do this for an entire year. (typically you would start this on new years day) Then at the end of the year, whatever clothes are still facing out, then get rid of them. Sell them, donate them or trash them. If you didn’t were them in a years time, then you won’t wear them at all. That’s a simple fact!

“No More Wire Hangers!”

Your clothes should not be on wire hangers. Leave those for the dry cleaners. Not only do your clothes hang better, but the closet looks so much nicer with the better hangers. Whether it be, the round plastic or wooden hangers just to name a couple of choices. Just do away with the wire hangers for hanging clothes. But save a couple of wire hangers. You never know when you might need one to “fish” something out of a very small space!!


While you’re at it and already in the closet. Be sure to go through your boxes and bins that you may have on the shelves. Try and downsize on the items in each box or bin. Maybe you can even eliminate one or two. Remember….declutter!

Things Remembered

All of this cleaning and decluttering needs to take place throughout your entire home. Go so far as to rearrange your furniture. Everything will feel fresh and clean, almost like new. This includes the garage…..if you have one. Take your time, but get it all done. Your home will be “free” of all of the clutter.

Yard Work…..Ugh

Really….the yard? Absolutely!! Why wouldn’t you? You want to get the inside of your home in tip-top spring cleaning shape and not even touch your yard? As the saying goes….”Out With the Old and In With the New.”

So grab those gardening gloves, your pruning shears, and some lawn trash bags. You’re going to need it all. Pull the dead winter plants, the weeds and any dead shrubs that just didn’t quite make it past winter months. Freshen up your flower beds with new mulch and flowers. Use some decorative ornaments as well. Check for any dead places in your lawn and place new sod there. Spruce up the backyard lawn furniture. Get ready for all of those cook-outs!

It’s ALL About You…

Why Not? Why wouldn’t you be included in the “Spring Cleaning” process? Let’s start with the most obvious……time to get up and shake your groove thing! Dust off those sneakers and destress. One of the best ways to release stress is to exercise. There are numerous ways to do just that.

Did you know that walking daily, 30-45 minutes a day is the best exercise that you can get? This is what we tell our patients that have had spine surgery. Walking produces blood flow and helps to heal nerves in the spine. But you don’t need to have spine surgery to go walking! Walking not only will help you lose weight. It helps you clear your mind…… helps you to unwind and It’s even heart-healthy. Not to mention it’s FREE! What a concept! So, no excuses….. what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of water, invite your friend, partner or just get your headphones and take that walk.

Cleansing The Soul…

We all need inner peace. But how do we get that? Meditation will help clear your mind and soul. But just like spring cleaning your home….there are no rules for cleansing your mind and soul.

Make it a habit…a part of your routine to focus on absolutely nothing. Don’t allow your troubles and sorrows to get in the way. Clearing your mind of all unnecessary things…helps you to relax…. and that in turn is fuel for the soul.

Light some candles..set the mood and unwind.

Male or female…it doesn’t really matter. We all need to unwind, to just let it all go. So every now and again. A nice relaxing soak in a hot tub, will ease your aches and pains…..calm the nerves and just put your mind at ease. So, go ahead and pamper yourself.

To Bubble Bath or…..

Not to Bubble Bath…the choice is yours.

Spring Cleaning…..Anytime…

Make this your routine. Do this for you, make time for you. But, not just in the Spring. Allow time to just do it. Declutter your life….your home….your soul……your mind.

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  1. Michael Wayne Wedgeworth Jr says:

    Brenda I really like everything you put together. So many great ideas and tips. Most importantly the voice of that Angel. Look forward to visiting frequently.

    1. Thanks Mike….I really appreciate. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for post updates. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing! Yes, plus the yard work! haha so many things to do! Enjoy Brenda and thanks for the tips!

    1. It’s my pleasure April! 🙂

  3. Great post! You give some amazing tips and ideas. I really love the feeling of getting everything clean. It just feels good.

    1. Thank Nadine, I really appreciate it!

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