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All Tapped Out

You know that feeling you get when you have a million things going on…your mind is running on overdrive and you don’t really know if you’re coming or you’re going? We’ve all experienced it..when your plate of “to-do” stuff is overflowing and you feel that there just isn’t enough time in the day. Well…welcome to my world…because I am all tapped out!

It’s my own fault….this is an absolute fact…because I’m a perfectionist and always strive for just that…but it will all eventually catch up with me and it will all begin to pretty much begin to stress me out…can you relate? I thought that you probably could.

But why do we let “things” in our lives take control? Well…it’s not that we “let it”………it just happens. So much to do and so little time. Not too mention…we are all so overly hard on ourselves. We want something done right away….maybe even procrastinate a time or two….which simply adds to the turmoil. Or just plain commits to too many things at once.

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Slow down…..yeah….good luck with that. But…think about it…if we begin to slow our pace down…take one task at a time…then whatever needs to get done….will get done. But most of us….and I’m guilty as charged…wants it done now…which just simply adds fuel to the fire…and you just get stressed. It’s funny really…in a sarcastic way…I was driving into work and everything that I needed to get done, or had going on in my life at that time had me overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. I remember that I was sitting in my car at a red light and I thought to myself…”this is too much….I’m all tapped out!”

Figuring It All Out

It can all be done you know….it may not seem like it at the time…but take it from me, it can be done. You pretty much need to not let everything that is going on in your life completely overwhelm you…because believe me….I’ve been then and have done that! After the overwhelming desire to scream and pull your own hair out has subsided…then just breathe….step back and evaluate…simply prioritize all that you have on your plate that has you stressed out, to begin with. Yes….it really is that easy.

Why do we all even allow everything under the sun to stress us all out anyway? Whether it is home…work…school…traffic and so on and so forth. Could it be that we are all perfectionists…OCD maybe. Highly doubtful on both accounts. For me personally, both apply…and with that alone…I can be my own worst enemy. But for so many others…..just running short on patience is all that it takes.


Tha’s exactly right…we are all only human….and we really need to cut ourselves some major slack! The first step is always the hardest…but go for it anyway…you’ll be glad that you did. But don’t let me fool you here. There will always be issues in life…stress…too much to do…deadlines and plain and simple….always something going on in your lives. But it’s how you handle it all…is to what dictates your life. Don’t allow the things in your life to snowball to the point of no return. Our brains aren’t made for that type of overload with “Mind-Chatter”….if you will. This is why …we “break-down mentally”…and even physically.

Things Remembered

It cannot be said any better than that…” change your priorities in life”…it is one of the only ways to keeping sanity in your life. It can be done…even if you only take baby-steps…just do it. It’s something new that I too am incorporating in my everyday life…because keeping my sanity is what I really need to do….and that’s a fact! Remember….what you are you to yourself or anyone else….when you’re all tapped put.

As I’ve said on so many of my others posts before…life can and will pass us by in a flash. So…be sure to make the time….to simple take the time. What’s the point of allowing yourself to get “all tapped out” anyway? There is no point…so live life…..love your life….and most of all be happy.



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