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COVID 19…I Am So Over It

We all woke up on January 1st 2020….with high hopes of what the brand new year would bring…vacations we would take…people we would meet. The world was our oyster…but wait a minute…”Stop the Press!” Our world as we knew it was no longer within reach…and frankly getting farther and farther away from our grasp.

I Should Have Known

It was early January that I received a jury summons of all things to possibly be chosen as a juror for the U.S. District Court for Monday, March 6th. I was so nervous for a couple of reasons….the first being the fact that I would have to drive out to Downtown Houston, where I never ever wanted to have to venture out to and deal with that crazy traffic…not the mention having to deal with the parking. The second being the absolute obvious….being chosen on a jury. Well…I must tell you that I survived the drive…..but much to my dismay…I was chosen. The case lasted two weeks. It was during this time that the first cases of COVID 19 began to rear its ugly head…the world and our routine would never be the same.

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Working for surgeons…this is what I do everyday….well….our world stopped because elective cases were at a standstill pretty quickly at the end of March…it was eight long weeks before surgeries slowly began again…finally a small bit of normalcy. Fast forward to the current day….this would be July…and only very little has changed. Business are trying to open up…people are hoping to go back to work. Schools….and students….well that’s a story all on its own. If the truth is known…the year 2020 is one for the books…so we need to just all chalk it up to one of the hardest times we’ve had to go through.

Lives Lost

This Pandemic…it has taken so many lives….lives that should have never been lost….and so many still fighting for their lives. It’s a sadness that has no words for it. Before this is is all said and done, we will either know someone that has the virus or get it ourselves. One never really knows…when it will end…..but…it will end.

For me personally..what I’ve learned from this pandemic is that COVID 19 has only amplified the need for people to pull together…to realize how fragile life really is and how easily it can be taken away. That material things…well are just that…material things. I have also learned that I have a love-hate relationship with the face masks that I wear every day but will continue to wear until it is safe not too….do you want to know why…..because it’s not just about me….I’m wearing it for you.

There Will Be An End To This Madness

We all know that nothing lasts forever….except the love that you have for one another…that will last forever. As for the current turmoil that the entire world is living through…..this will end….not as quickly as we would like….but it will end. We all just need to do our part….work together…for a stronger tomorrow. It really is there…that stronger tomorrow….it’s waiting for us…when the world and all the beautiful people in it are ready.

Unfortunately… we all have a long row to hoe before we see the light at the end of the tunnel….but there will be a light. Nope…the end is not near….but it will end…because I believe.

Things Remembered

Be safe my friend….and …Keep the Faith…



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  1. Great post and so well said, Brenda! Yes, we have to continue to have the faith that this will all end, and a better world will emerge from all of this.

    1. Yes, it will. Thank you for your sweet words, my friend!

      1. Such a great reminder
        to keep the faith. I know this is starting to wear on everyone. Thanks for the encouraging reminder.

        1. Thank you, Jessica.

  2. The bobby pin quote is me. I worked at home and homeschooled my kids well before this started. So I should be fine with it but mentally I’m completely drained. There’s a big difference between not wanting to leave the house and feeling like you can’t for risk of getting yourself or your children sick. So I’m over this thing as well.

    1. Hang in there Rebecca, I’m sure that you kids appreciate all that you are doing for them. Stay safe!

  3. Javier s. says:

    Positive vibes only! Gotta be positive in uncertain times!

  4. I’m beyond over it. On top of it, in California, we now have an enormous number of fires. Nearly every day our air is unhealthy for all. Today is only unhealthy for sensitive groups, which pretty much is anyone that dares to go outside. Faith is necessary to get through all the bad times in life. I put my faith in God to carry us through.

    1. It really has been this 2020 year to go in the book! Prayers to you and the fires in California.

  5. Mindy says:

    What a great article! I have to agree with you, we all need to work together. I feel that it is the only way to make it through.

    1. Thanks, Mindy! I really appreciate it.

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