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Never Lose The Magic

It’s funny..in a really sad kind of way..how so many things in our lives, just seem to come to a dead-end…run its course.. lose its luster or even the proverbial magic. Why do you think this happens really? Is it because we lose interest…get bored or simply do not care any longer..or perhaps just out-grow the situation…probably so. It happens every day., and I for one really hope that the later isn’t the case for most. But it’s all true…and for so many, it can be a very slow process in the making.

Job Burn Out…

“Hi-Ho…Hi-Ho…It’s Off To Work We Go”…..We go to school…get an education…learn a trade…. gain a profession…and make it a career. That’s the correct order…right? Yes…well sort of. All of the above rings true…except there are those times..when you realize that what you went to school for, just isn’t your, “cup of tea.” But you stay there in that particular career path..grudgingly going to work every day…making a living and earning your keep. You may have a family to provide for and feel that it’s the best thing to do…but is it really? Don’t you think that it may be time for a change? There is no “rule” that says that it’s mandatory that you stay in a job that no longer makes you happy. You are “burnt out”….and it’s lost the “magic”. Before it gets the better of you…and for some may even affect their health…it’s time to move on…make that career change…do it for you.

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Drifting Apart

Relationships…unfortunately drift apart…it happens all of the time. It isn’t something that started out that way..oh, on the contrary. It started out…I’m almost certain like any other romance…with all of the bells and whistles. But then… things change…people change…circumstances change. Then the relationship just grows apart. Some of them drift apart, romantically anyway…because of stress..work overload… and even illness can cause relationships to drift apart. Life… it just happens.

But any relationship can easily drift apart. Not just romantic relationships…but friendships as well. For whatever reason…even the best of friends can drift apart. Life’s obstacles will get in the way…maybe a disagreement that becomes a heartbreak. But it happens…relationships lose their magic.

Where Is The Magic?

There’s magic everywhere.

Oh…if only it was just that easy. To have that “magic dust” to make every relationship in life from friendships to romantic relationships….perfect…to make them last forever. Sadly, even family members will lose the magic..they grow up and grow apart…it’s sad because it will usually take a death in the family to bring people back together. If only we had a “magic wand” to make everyone in life have the magic back in their lives.


How cool would it be if we were all given a magic wand to fix everything? We would have no issues….no breakups…no heartache….no problems. This all sounds great…but the downside is… what would we have learned really? If everything gets “fixed” by the magic wand? Well, I’ll tell you…we learn absolutely nothing…we have nothing to grow from….if there is nothing to learn from.

Things Remembered

The Man Upstairs

You know…we all say our prayers in hopes of having them answered…wishing for everything in our lives to fall into place…but never really knowing when that will happen. Well…the man upstairs…he hears our prayers and knows when the time is right to answer those prayers…the way that he sees fit. But…like everything else in life…the magic in God no longer becomes a priority in so many lives…only being called upon when the going gets tough…the magic of God and all that he is…has been lost. Well, I’m here to tell you…what is lost…can always be found. It’s just a matter of opening up your heart and your mind. It has always been there with you…but only you can find it.

It Comes From Within

We all come into each other lives for a reason…whether it be for a brief period of time…or for a lifetime…and always at the right time. You just always have to have Faith and Trust at the timing and the amount of magic that you need to bring. You must always remember that it all comes from within.

The “Magic” my friends…..cannot be bought, or given to you for that matter…..the “Magic” my friends…has always been there…..inside of your heart and tucked away deep down in your soul. But it’s up to you to ignite it. Life is oh so short…..so find the magic in your heart…..it’s yours for the taking.



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  1. This is a thought-provoking post. Things and people do come and go from our lives. We must be intentional to keep those who are important to us.

  2. I agree!!! I think because I am a teacher and surround myself with small magic keepers I am able to closely remember and keep in touch with the magic that comes from remembering what it is like to be a child. It is a blessing and worth some effort in persuing. It makes everything in life more joyful.

    1. Kim…you must remember that you are a blessing for all of those wonderful children. Happy New Year my friend.

  3. Such a magical (pun intended) post 💫 you have such a way with words! Lovely as always.

    – h.r. | https://thornsandall.com

    1. Thank you, so much. That really means a lot.

  4. It is always sad when some good things come to an end in life. I found some relationships with others drifting apart over the years. Maybe it’s for the better sometimes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. My pleasure, Nancy. Relationships come into our lives for a reason, no matter how short or long the relationship is. It’s part of our learning and growth. 🙂

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