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The Finer Things In Life

It’s true…..money can buy so many fine things…but it’s what money can’t buy that truly matters in life. You don’t have to be a millionaire to have the finer things in life… did you know that? Oh, sure…..that “high-dollar” bottle of champagne or even that fancy caviar is a fairly obvious staple of those living with the proverbial “silver spoon.” The finer things in life is an English phrase that is fairly well-known. For many people, this phrase means all things of luxury and even elegance. While for so many others….the finer things in life, goes so much deeper. Allow me to categorize my ideas of…..The Finer Things In Life.

Things That Money Can Buy

What has four wheels and goes super fast….you ask? Well, that would be a fancy sports car of any make….model….year and style. This…is in my opinion, one of the first things purchased by…..oh I don’t know…a millionaire maybe! I never really understood it really….what the big deal is of a fancy “high-dollar” sports car….or any overly extravagant car for that matter. This is great for most. But for me…I’m a lo-key, no-frills kinda girl….easy to please with the simple things in life.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Oh, it’s a no-brainer. Who doesn’t love diamonds? Most everyone, I’m sure. I too am a lover of beautiful jewelry. As with flashy cars…jewelry of all types is a hot commodity of the “Rich and Famous”. Yes, I know…all walks of life love and have diamonds and gold jewelry….but when your bank account can reach the stars…then the sky is the limit where diamonds and jewelry are concerned.


You guessed it! Traveling and taking extravagant vacations is high on the list for all of those living with the finer things in life. From cruising on the Rivera…to skiing the Swiss slopes. Vacations are limitless when money is no object…the hardest decision…I assume would be is what trip to take…where to go…what location to visit. Aahhh….to live the Life of Riley!

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Dress To Impress

When living with the finer things in life…I’m sure that you will no doubt have the attire to go right along with that lifestyle. Oh…don’t get me wrong…most all dress to impress on a daily basis. But when money is no object…well then you are sure to impress with your wardrobe.

This….in my opinion… is just a “tip of the iceberg” for those living with the finer things in life that money can buy. Let us not forget the fancy homes…the fancy restaurants and all of the fancy parties just to name a few other things. This is all great for all that have them “fancy things”….because yes, it is so true….money can and will buy all of this and so much more to enjoy…..the finer things in life.


Things That Money Just Can’t Buy.

You know…money truly doesn’t buy everything. To me…if you follow these simple rules…you too can have the finer things in life.

Things Remembered
  1. Appreciate what you have. Let’s take friendships for instant. True friendships are priceless. They are an extension of yourself. They are a true gift that needs to be treated as such.
  2. Dedication. You have to dedicate your time for yourself. You are so important to so many people and you should treat yourself as such.
  3. Family is Key. We all have immediate family…or hopefully, you do. Family is a connection between people that run very deep. They are there for each other and there to lean on…never take them for granted.
  4. Making Memories. Did you know that everything you do in your life will become a memory in time? It’s true…think about it. Because everything in life becomes a memory.
  5. Love..oh..it makes the world go around. You cannot put a price on that little four-letter word. It comes from the heart…when you least expect it and is a feeling in a class all its self. It’s priceless.

The moral of this story…is that we all have the finer things in life and most don’t even really know it. It’s not the amount of money in your bank account…it’s about the life that you lead….the frienships that you’ve made…the love that you’ve shared…the promises that you keep and the compassion in your heart. I am blessed beyond words…because of you my friends.



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  1. This is so true! People keep running after money all through their life and then realise what they sacrificed was the real invaluable asset. Great post!

    1. Mukti, I thank you for your kind comment. It touches my heart.

  2. Love this post Brenda! The simpler things in life that money can’t buy are the ones that matter, where we care about fellow human beings with compassion and love and cherish the friendships we develop along the way. Thank you for sharing!

    1. It was truly from the heart. Denise, you’ve become one of the “Finer Things in My Life” and I thank you.

  3. As always lovely post, Brenda! People don’t always remember gifts that we spend money on but any act of kindness and love is what always remembered. And for me you and many other bloggers have become finer things in my life. I cherish all my new connections around the world and how surprisingly kind everyone is! These connections are forever. Thank you for this great post. ❤️

    1. Your kind words truly touch my heart and it means so much. I thank you for stopping by, you’re a sweet friend. “)

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