Black Friday…Cyber Monday

Black Friday Shopping

Can you believe it? In a matter of days…the biggest shopping day will be upon us! Black Friday Shopping...this is a day that so many people look forward to. But times have changed so much in the past years…because now there are “Pre-Black Friday Sales” going on everywhere..and they usually begin the first day of November. Prices are slashed everywhere in every store to entice you to shop until you drop! It has gotten to where you barely have time to finish your thanksgiving day meal when most stores doors will open for your business. But its the “early-early bird specials at the crack of dawn on the infamous “Black Friday” that matter the most.

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Way back when…there were so many giveaways to the first 100 or so customers waiting in line. If would range from free gifts to big discount coupons. This also reigns true for online shopping…major discounts for those choosing to shop online. For instance Amazon...this is probably the number one online one-stop-shop for everyone! Department stores like Target department stores are probably one of the more popular bricks and mortar shopping stores. But nowadays, the sales are so hot on Black Friday morning, that the supplies are limited so there will be people actually camping out several hours before the doors even open.

It’s usually pretty chaotic, but a day that so many people look forward too. Holiday shopping is always number one on everyone’s list…but if the sale is just right..there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying that special gift for yourself.

Gift Cards

This is probably one of the top gifts to give…hands down! Did you know that you can click onto any one of my advertisements and purchase gift cards…..yes you can!! If you have that “hard-to-buy-for, friend, relative or even co-worker….then look no further, than a gift card.

Cyber Monday

There will always be “Door-Buster” Prices with every single store you walk into….but then there’s the infamous, “Cyber Monday” this takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving…and the deals are unbeatable. Think about it…getting all or at least most of your holiday shopping done on Cyber-Monday!

Well, this is where I can really help you out. My blog affiliates offer so much shopping for everyone. Think about it. From the comfort of your own home, you can check out all of the different places to shop. Not too mention all of the online sales.


My site offers everything for everyone…from jewelry, sports, and sporting goods, clothing, handbags, traveling and even something for your pets. The shopping here is endless!

Things Remembered

Be Holiday Shopping Ready

It seems like the summer has barely ended and here we are days away from Black Friday shopping…the “kick-off” to holiday shopping. Don’t let the stress get the better of you. Make a list and really try to stick to it. Do not buy beyond your means. What’s the point on “charging” everything…that just leads to more stress in January when the bill comes. I can honestly say that I stopped “charging” gifts along time ago. I try to buy early and only pay cash, or better yet, I use PayPal and then pay the bill in full. It’s so much easier that way. Think about it for a minute….when you purchase this great gift or gifts and you get this awesome price and then you charge it…well if you don’t pay it off in full when the bill comes..then after you add up any interest fees, well then that original discount is no more. So charge wisely.

Shop safely…meaning keep your purchased packages in the trunk of your car. Hold tight to your wallet or purse. There are a lot of nervy people out there! But above all be cognizance of your surroundings. The wrong people are always out there to get something for nothing…so be careful.

Happy Shopping!!

I would absolutely love for everyone reading this post to do some shopping from my affiliates….but with that being said. I hope that you have one of the best shopping experiences this holiday season. Shop wisely and pay wisely…but above all…have a great time!

Always remember the reason for the season….be grateful for what you have and for the love you have to offer….because the love and compassion that you can share..is oh, so priceless. Happy shopping my friends….but most of all…a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.



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