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Power In Prayer

Living Through Tough Times

Well, I’m sure that we can all say that our current living situation is definitely one for the books……yes….you guessed it…I’m talking about the Covid-19…Corona Virus. This current situation is stressful…times 1000! It crept into our lives in the last few weeks….and has since had a domino effect that has affected our daily work…school…economy….simply put…our lives….as we once knew it. I know that it feels like there is no end in sight and that the world as we once knew it is falling apart….believe me…I have had my own “personal moments” that it is doing just that. But then I rely on my faith….say my prayers…just believe and I begin to feel so much better.

Our current situation is hard…it’s scary…it’s demanding in so many ways…it’s physically and emotionally draining. I know that we can all agree that our current living situation is overwhelming. But like everything else in life…..”This Too Shall Pass.” It may not feel like it at this very moment…and it may seem like everything is “going to hell in a handbasket”…but we all must keep in our minds that the government is working as fast as they can….and the healthcare workers are doing the very best that they can. Coming from someone that has been working in the medical field for well over 36 years….believe me…we are all doing the very best that is humanly possible to take care of our patients. Sadly we are having to cancel all of our non-emergency surgeries and testing…for our patients….many of which feel in their own minds that their conditions are urgent. But rest assured…we do have emergent spine cases that cannot be canceled. But on the other hand, our patient load is dwindling down to practically nothing and reducing hours. This Pandemic is touching all of our lives….no matter our race….color…religious beliefs…or even monetary status….we are all at risk.

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Pulling Together

Have you noticed the wonderful “band” of people in the communities…cities..states….our entire nation that is pulling together to get through this? I would assume that the very same kind of “pulling together” is happening right now….all over the world. People are helping people…we can only hope that the crime rates go down. My only complaint…if you will…is all of the “hoarding” of everyday essentials that we all need. I cannot stress enough the importance of buying in moderation…it reminds me of when I was younger and my mama would cook dinner…when passing the food around at the dinner table…she could not emphasize enough to “take only one….there are other people in this house.” Wouldn’t this phase qualify for what is going on right now in this world? Well…I would say so…” Take only one…okay…maybe two…remember…there are other people in your community.”


Yes…it’s true…we really do need a miracle right about now…something so huge it will put the entire world back upright again…in hopes of good health and healing for all that have tested positive for this virus….for those that are struggling financially because of the disruption of their jobs. For me…and I’m sure for so many others…praying has so much power and comfort all in one. But, just imagine…if we all prayed together…as much as we are pulling together…that our miracle will begin to happen. Because..you know what my friend…this virus isn’t in control…God is in control of this virus…and he needs us all to pull together with preparedness…cleanliness…and most of all in prayer… to get us through…probably one of the scariest and stressful times of our lives.

I believe in miracles….and I’m always filled with hope. I believe that we will get through this much sooner than later. If you look at the calendar you will see that Holy Week will soon be upon us…beginning April 5th until Saturday…April 11th…with Easter Sunday the very next day. I truly believe…that by then…our lives will finally begin to turn around….and that our lives will begin to feel more normal again. I have no magic wand…but I wish that I did…nor do I have a crystal ball…..but what I can tell you is that I simply believe in a higher power…and that is good enough for me.

My wish and hope for you…is that there is safety in you job….your home and in your life. That the health of you and yours…is protected. But…my friend…all I simply ask of you…is to “Keep the Faith”…say your prayers…we will all get through this tough time together.

Much love…and big hugs…from me…to you.



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  1. Great read Brenda! I too believed in miracle! If we all will obey we can surpassed this trials.

    1. As the saying goes…..”This too shall pass.” Take care of yourself and your beautiful family!

  2. Thanks you for this. I’m more relaxed already. Be safe and keep In touch.

    1. Jenny, first let me say. It really touches my heart with the support that I receive from you with my blog.Thank you. Keep the faith, sweet friend….we will all get through this. xo

  3. Stay safe Brenda. Lovely post and I too believe that this will pass and we as a community will learn from it and hopefully appreciate our lives a little more.

    1. You too my friend…and especially safe travels for you. πŸ™‚

  4. I also believe in the power of prayer and your words resonate with me. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You’re very welcome, Surabhi. Thank you so much for stopping by. πŸ™‚

  5. I love how all your posts come straight from your heart, Brenda! Yes, I also believe we will get through this together with prayer and faith. I have had my ups and downs too, and want this to end, but knowing God will be here for us gives me the strength to get through each day and see a positive outcome. Thank you for a great post!

    1. You’re so welcome, my friend. πŸ™‚

  6. Feroz Ahmed says:

    Feeling so good after reading this 😊 . Keep the faith and believe in higher power πŸ‘. Thanks Brenda 😊

    1. I’m glad that I could help. Take care and stay safe. πŸ™‚

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