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Shhhh….Do You Wanna Know A Secret?

Come on now…can you really keep a secret? It can be really hard for a lot of people, depending upon what the secret is. But, if you’re not careful, a secret can be told to one person, which will, in turn, be repeated to another and then another…until your original “secret” is all “jacked-up!”

A secret is something that is to be kept unknown…not to be shared by others. It is something that you keep to yourself, or maybe even just one other person.

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Secrets between best friends are the very best. Because if you’re lucky enough to stay best friends for a lifetime..the secrets stay right with you both. The secrets range from that cute boy in your class to the clothes that you and the other girls wear. Or maybe that you stayed home sick from school, but you were really making it up because you just didn’t feel like going to school! Sometimes, when keeping a secret it’s absolutely necessary that you both “pinky-swear” to never tell a soul. That way, you are guaranteed to keep any secret that you share between you and whomever you pinky-swear with. At least, that’s the pinky-swear rule anyway!


“Be in on the secret” be among the few people who know something.

“In secret” without others knowing.


“Make no secret of something” make something perfectly clear.

Things Remembered

Definition- Adjective

a. kept from knowledge or view. (hidden)

b.marked by the habit of discretion. (close mouth)

c.working with hidden aims or methods. (secret agent)

d.not knowledged (unavowed)

e.conducted in secret. (a secret trial)

f.remote from human frequentation or notice. (secluded)

h.revealed only to the initiated. (esoteric)

i.designed to elude observation or detection. (a secret panel)

j.containing information whose unauthorized disclosure could endanger national security. (confidential, top-secret)


a.something kept hidden or unexplained. (mystery)

b.something kept from the knowledge of others or shared only confidently with a few.

c.a method, formula, or process used in an art or operation and divulged only to those of one’s own company or craft. (trade secret)

In Secret….in a private place or manner.

The Secret Of Success

There is no one single thing that will allow a single soul to say that they have achieved the Secret of Success. Because think about it….if there really was only one thing to achieve success then everyone in the entire universe would say, “I’m there…I’ve achieved success.” Nope, sorry people…it just doesn’t work that way…it’s not that easy….it’s just not that simple. The secret to success is an accumulation of many things. It’s a combination of smart habits, a determined spirit, timing and yes…even a lot of luck.

The Secret Of Life

The greatest secret of all...The Secret of Life. This is when you are able to contribute the best that you can to humanity and really to yourself. But what one really needs to understand is that there is no rules….no “how-to” books….no real key to achieve this goal. It is simply what you as an individual believe that you can and will achieve…. what your heart, mind, and soul really need in this lifetime. It’s the choices you make and especially the mistakes that you make along the way, in order to learn and grow. It’s all about life experiences…your life experiences…. that will lead you to the greatest gift of all. Your very own personal…Secret of Life.

Better Left Unsaid

Sometimes…even the very best kept secrets are better left unsaid. It’s a fact, some secrets are not really meant to be shared. It’s sort of like the old phrase, “Keep your comments, to yourself.” This really does ring true for a secret. It may end up being hurtful to one or more persons, even if it isn’t meant to be that way at all. So Shhhhh….keep it to yourself.

“Do You Want To Know A Secret”-Released March 23, 1964

So….Hey….do you wanna know my secret? Ok…so here goes….Oh, wait a minute….I’m really sorry…for that, my friends……my secret, will have to remain…..my little secret.

— Brenda


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  1. Nice post. A secret is better kept a secrete. I used to say to people; if you can’t keep your secrete, how do you expect someone else to keep it.

    1. Thanks, Faith! I completely agree!

  2. Great post Brenda! So true on the Secrets of Life and Success, it is what we put into it, what we learn from our mistakes along the way, and yes, as you said “timing and luck”. Friends and acquaintances have told me so many secrets through the years, that I never shared, as it is something they trust you with! Keep that secret to yourself! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I really appreciate your support and kind words, Denise. It truly means the world to me. 🙂

  3. Love this post. So very true. We just have to try everyday to get a piece of the secret to success. I cherish my secrets with my family and friends.

    1. I appreciate your kind words, Kim. Thank you. 🙂

  4. I agree with this one. If someone told you something it means they trusts you. You are so good at coordinating the ABC in life it’s so natural for you to write this way. Haha, this post arrive on time. Secret. Thanks, for the reminder.

    1. Lol! It is my pleasure, April. I love to write….that’s for sure. I appreciate you always stopping by and cheering me on! 🙂

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