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For The Very First Time…

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We experience something new for the very first time every single day….as trivial as it may be….we just do. It’s part of life….a way of life…..simply a part of living. But it’s what we do with all of our “firsts” in life that really matter the most.

A Simple Smile…A Simple Hello

It’s true really…..if you think about it. As simple… and as innocent as a smile or even saying hello to someone can be…well it can change your world….or their’s forever. This very simple “first” jester” can and will leave an impression like no other. It can cause two hearts to collide or even friendships to begin…better yet….a simple smile or even hello…can easily lift the spirit for someone who’s world may be needing it more than anyone may know. I greet people….strangers every day on the phone in my line of work…and more than once have been told, “thank-you for being so kind” before we end the call. Always remember that the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way.

First…More Than Once… The Early Years.

The very first breath that your newborn baby takes….this is a blessing all on its own. Their first steps…tooth…scrapped knee but let us not forget their very first day of school. But there will be more “first” where going to school is concerned. Think about it…kindergarten…middle school….junior high and even high school…not to mention…college. Each “first” day of any of these milestones..will have a different effect and feeling all their own.

Then there’s that very first puppy love….then that first crush…and sadly the dreaded heartbreak….you know the one…the “my world is over” heartbreak. But it isn’t…we suffer through the heartache and continue living. I remember my first puppy love…I was the third grade and he was in the forth and lived next door to us. Unfortunately, he never knew…it was a one-sided…short-lived third and fourth-grade love affair. As luck would have it, we reconnected on Facebook and are friends there. In case you are wondering…I filled him in, years ago on my “puppy-love” infatuation that I had for him. So all is good. My first “crush” happened when I was a freshman in high school and for me turned into my first-love. We went “steady”…because you see that’s what it was called, back in the 70s. We were together for almost two years until he broke my heart. I took it pretty hard…taking quite a while to finally get over him. But I did and my heart did once again mend.

First Job

If you want to really get technical…then we only have one “first job”. But each new job…is like starting fresh all over again….the nerves are the same..then the excitement is the same….but with each new job through one’s life…is just like the very first…..much anticipated and priceless.

It’s All Adult

Believe it or not…there a many…many things that are “first’ during our adult lives….situations and experiences that happen more than once. This is what I mean by that….let’s take buying a new home. There is always that very…very first time that one will buy a house…then sell the house. How about that very first promotion that you’ve worked so hard to get. What about that great car that you’ve longed for and finally got approved for and in your name alone. So…let me also add….your first mortgage payments and car note….aahhhh…..adulthood….gotta love it!


Romance…And All That It Entails

Romance….it’s what makes the world go around. I must admit that I’m a true romantic at heart and I love to be romanced in return. Even though this post is primarily about “firsts”…some things can and will encounter more than one “first”….with that being said…let’s talk about that first kiss for just a brief moment. My first kiss…I was 14 and it was an over the top and a memory that will stay with me forever….in my heart and in my mind….because a girl will never forget. Luckily throughout our lives, we will have many more “first kisses”….and all of these will stay in our mind and in our hearts all for our eternity.

Things Remembered

We all know what kissing can lead to….and I’ll probably just leave all of that to the imagination…but knowing this…intimacy is always special…especially that very first time…but also know…that if you play your cards just right…each time can feel….just like the very first time.

Life….it’s full of ups and downs….twists and turns…and oh…so many firsts. May your first hug…your first love or maybe your first…second….third…or even fourth kiss….be all that you’ve always dreamed it would be.



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